North Korea Has Threatened To Blow Up The United States Today.


For what seems like a millennia, the North Koreans have been teasing us with their missiles, pussyfooting around, but not anymore. The North Koreans are finally ready to blow their load!

I’ve always thought that lil Kim might’ve had commitment issues and that’s why he has never put a stone cold date on the table but boy was I wrong. It turns out, the Supreme Leader is a little bit of a romantic, as today marks the 64 year anniversary of the Korean War coming to an end. If that doesn’t warm the cockles of your heart, then I don’t what will.

This announcement also comes on the heels of President Trump’s announcement that transgendered people could no longer serve in the military. Showing us once again, that when it comes to human rights, North Korea outshines it’s American adversary. Don’t believe me? You think, lil kimmy kim kim cares whether or not a bunch of transexuals are serving in his army? Fuck no! As long as you hate America, you can fight for lil kim. Because he doesn’t care if you’re black,white,straight,gay, as long as you say “death to the west” and thank the Supreme Leader every night, you’ll always have a job in the North Korean military.

P.S. Tell me the last time a black guy was killed by a cop in North Korea? hmmmmmm



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