North Korea Is Looking To End The Week With A Bang, Launches Missile At Japan

Screenshot 2017-07-28 17.10.32

You know what, I’m starting to think North Korea is less “death to the west” and more “party on”. Just look at what they’ve done this week. First they threatened to blow up America on the anniversary of the Korean War coming to an end, like a modern day Romeo. Then they shoot a missile at the Japanese to signal the end of the work week. It’s not like countries aren’t allowed to launch missiles. How do you think Godzilla came to be?

So while the lamestream media reports this as an act of aggression, I see it more as aggressive partying. North Korea doesn’t want to see the world burn, they just wanna start drinking from dusk till dawn, can’t hate that.

Plus, it’s not like any of us would be any better then lil Kim. You better believe I’d have a photo of my ugly mug in every building, if I were a dictator and of course I’d be shooting missiles every other day.

Maybe it’s time we start treating North Korea like every other country in the world, I mean why can the U.S. drop the “Mother of All Bombs” on a country they’ve haven’t declared war on but we get angry at the North Koreans for shooting a bunch of metal into the ocean.



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