The Indianapolis Colts Need To Sign OJ Simpson

It’s no secret that one of the weakest parts of the Colts is their run game. While Frank Gore has done the best he could with the O-line provided, the Colts still need another running back to help share the load, as Gore is now 34 which is around 100 in RB years.

Enter OJ Simpson, OJ will be free come October, just in time for week 4. Despite serving the last 9 years in prison, OJ was never suspended by the NFL, allowing him to be a Free Agent once he is released. And while some detractors would argue that since OJ’s been in prison for the last 9 years, he hasn’t been practicing and will be useless on the field, I’m going to have to STRONGLY disagree. I just watched ‘The 13th’ last night and if it taught me anything, it’s that prisons are football factories. All they do is create strong-angry people, the perfect person for the NFL. Even if you don’t think it’s some sort of Weapon X lab for football, you have to concede that 9 years in prison is way tougher then the Millennial-fied versions of training camp we see today. Coach’s can’t even run 2-a-days anymore. So in a way, prison is our last bastion for old fashioned gridiron training, making OJ more then ready to buckle up his helmet.

In his last 2 seasons in the NFL, The juice only rushed for a combined 1000+ yards but that’s all the Colts need out of a 2 back position. The Juice is coming in at 6’1 and 210lbs, pretty small for the NFL but the last time we saw the Juice in a chase, he showed some deceptive speed down the 405.

The NFL is all about second chances, that’s why it’s played on a Sunday, to honour thy lord. OJ Simpson is a one time convict for a crime that I’d argue was way less horrific then that of Michael Vick and Vick got a second chance AND is now interning as a coach for the Chiefs. So, if that dog killer deserved another chance and has now the opportunity to mold minds, then I see no reason for why the Colts can’t sign the Juice and use him as our 2 back. Even at his old age, you know the defense is going to have to respect him.


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