Jays Trade Liriano To Astros For Nori Aoki & A Minor League Player


With the MLB trade deadline just hours away from being over, the Jays definitely needed to make some moves if they were going to make a playoff push. I just didn’t expect it to be this but like I said, we still got a few more hours.

Liriano will be a reliever for the Astros, a role that I think he’ll welcome. It’s no secret that Liriano has been shit as a starter this year for the Jays, going 6-5 with just under a 6 ERA. In one way this trade helps the Jays just by ridding themselves of Liriano’s stink. A little addition by subtraction.

I don’t know much about Aoki besides the fact that he once took a ball off the nuts while playing against the Jays but a .694 OPS ain’t too shabby, along with the fact that Aoki doesn’t strike out that often, only having 29ks on the year. I’m hoping that Aoki can fill the void out in the field that’s seems to have been there forever. Sans Kevin Pillar, everybody out there is a liability and hopefully Aoki and help with this. We don’t need him to be a power hitter, seeing as the Jays have plenty of that to go around, so having someone who can get on base for the big bats will be an added touch.

As for the prospect, who really knows how this turns out for every Thor, there’s a million Miguel Castro’s. So it’s really hard to say whether or not a prospect will translate into something. At least though, even if he were to be a bust, ridding themselves of Liriano’s contract, should still be viewed as a win.


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