We’re All In agreement Bud Selig Getting Inducted Into the HOF Is Bullshit, Right?

Truth be told, I don’t really think commissioners should ever be inducted into their respective Hall-of-Fame’s. A commissioner is just the mouthpiece for the owners and if we’re being honest, the best commissioner is one that you never really think about. That’s why Adam Silver has done so well, for all we know he could be a horrible person but all he does is show up for the draft and keeps his names out of the papers, the same cannot be said for Bud Selig.

Under Bud Selig’s watch, baseball almost died and had it not been for guys like Mark McGuire and Barry Bonds, baseball would be no better then boxing. Yet, instead of being grateful for the guys that saved baseball, he’s completely ostracized them by doing all he could to stop them from getting into the HOF and for what? Cause they used PEDS, woopty fucking do, TY Cobb was a dirty racist who spiked his cleats and no one seems to care that he’s in the HOF.

Then to make matters worse, he absolutely killed the Montreal Expos, had it not been for the 94-95 strike, they probably would’ve been World Series Champs. Instead, they were forced to reduce their payroll and ultimately died, becoming the Washington Natinals.

Selig will also be remembered for ending the All-Star game in a tie after it went to extras. A game that he gave major implications to by making the winning league get home-field advantage during the WS. Which, is arguably one of the most asinine things a commissioner has ever done. Selig also seemed to always be behind the curve when it came to expanding the game, sure he was instrumental in the creation of the World Baseball Classic, but he also waited all the way ’till 2014 to introduce instant replays and 3 years later the MLB still hasn’t really mastered the technology.

All in all, to take a quote from White House Comm Director Anthony Scaramucci, inducting a commissioner into the HOF, is a lot like sucking your own cock.


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