The Mooch’s Week Continues To Get Worse As The Harvard Alumni Directory Declares Him Dead

Oh come on Harvard, leave the Mooch alone, the guy has had a family for crying out loud. It’s hard to have as bad a week as the Mooch. First he gets fired from a job that he hadn’t even technically started and only been at for 10 days. Only to have his former school list him as dead on their alumni page.

On the flip side, the Mooch now joins some elite company when it comes to falsified deaths, you got Mark Twain, Alfred Nobel and now, the one and only, the Mooch. Maybe with his Undertaker like resurrection the Mooch could look for a job with the WWE. I haven’t watched the WWE in a while but if a sorry, 6 time WrestleMania attendee can become president, I don’t see why the former voice piece for said president can’t become a GM in the WWE


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