Time To Cuncel The Jays

Well Fuck.

After a promising week the Jays went ahead and screwed it all up blowing a 6 run lead yesterday and making me finally declare the Jays dead. I probably should’ve realized this season was over a while ago but my dumb ass kept on holding on to hope, but like Red said “hope is a dangerous thing”. Had the Jays been able to hold onto their lead last night, I would still full heatedly believe they could make the postseason, it’s not like any team in the Wild Card race is running away with it. No team seems to want that last Wild Card spot, Blue Jays included. If only the Jays had their best reliever yesterday…

Screenshot 2017-07-31 17.18.19


There’s not a doubt in my mind that Mark Shapiro was sent here to destroy the Blue Jays. First he lets Edwin walk to his former team and now he trades them our best reliever for a bag of fucking beans. If the MLB had a living commissioner, they’d investigate Shapiro for tampering. Everyone’s talking about all of the Trump’s conflicts of interests but I’ve yet to hear a peep about Shapiro and his former team.

The Jays season has pretty much been fucked from the get-go, Donaldson was injured pretty much since first pitch, Tulo is both broken and a shell of his former self and Sanchez has missed most the season. Not to mention Marco Estrada seems all but finished, it’s a shame that he fell off so quick but Jays fans have nothing to complain about, that guy gave us the two best years of his career and I’ll always be thankful for that.

On the plus side the Jays still do have a lot of potential, they’ll still have Donaldson, Martin, Smoak, Stroman, a hopefully healthy Sanchez and possibly just as important, a mentally healthy Roberto Osuna. Then there are question marks like Devon Travis and whether he can stay healthy or whether Kendrys Borealis can continue to live up to his nickname.

On the prospect front, the Jays actually have some potential there between the guy they got from the Astros to Vlad Jr. there’s no reason why the Jays can’t be in the playoffs within 2 years.

All in all it comes down to management, if Shapiro and Co. are going to treat the Jays like a small market team then we’re fucked. There’s no reason why we can’t go after big names and if we’re not going to try and win, the least Shapiro could do is give us some of those sweet beer & hot dog deals he made back in Cleveland. Instead of raising season ticket prices exponentially…. oh wait.

price 2price


H/T Rodolfo Balzac for the graph



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