Whoever Is Telling Trump To Stop Using Twitter Needs To Shut Their Damn Mouth!

Who in the hell is telling the President of the United States what he can and can’t do and could they please cease & desist. Despite what Trump says, I highly doubt it’s the fake news media that want him stop, I mean, has he seen CNN’s ratings? Every time Trump tweets, a CNN producer cums them-self. I’m pretty sure every Trump detractor wants him to continue tweeting, if it wasn’t for twitter how else would we get Trump’s unfiltered thoughts?

While other presidents would use press releases or at least their press secretary to convey their message, Trump just tweets what he’s feeling, in real time. Hell, he even used twitter to announce that he was banning transgendered people from the military. Trump is equal parts, complete liar and totally transparent, he’s a living, breathing, paradox and it’s all because of twitter.

If you need any reason for Trump to continue to use twitter, just take yesterday for example. Early yesterday morning his tweets this:


only for this to break a few hours later

mooch 2

leading Trump to end the day with this:

trump 2You couldn’t make this shit up if you tried. The President of the United States, the Leader of the Free World spent his evening subtweeting a man, he had just fired.


If anyone is trying to get Trump to stop tweeting, it’s members of his own party. Every tweet Trump puts out belittles their party more and more.

Not to mention, if Trump were to stop tweeting, how would we know what shows he’s watching?

foxFox 2


Say what you want about Trump but don’t say he isn’t #brand loyal.

P.S. Why do news channels always blur out the people who retweeted Donald Trump? Every time I watch the news, they blur out the photos and names of those who retweeted him. Fuck that noise, if you retweet the President, your face and account should be shown to the world. This isn’t their social security info, it’s their public twitter. It’s not like the people who retweet him care. They’re actively showing their support and if anything these news outlets are stopping others from increasing their #brand. Pretty damn selfish if you ask me.


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