Andre De Grasse Pulled His Hamstring :(


DG 2

Goddamn it! Why couldn’t it have been my hamstrings?!

Just when things are starting to go good for Canada again in the world of Track & Field and our brightest star injures himself right before the World Championships. I don’t know if De Grasse would’ve been able to beat Bolt but it still would’ve been exciting to watch. In all my life, Canada has never had a decent sprinter. I missed the era of Ben Johnson and Donovan Bailey. The only memory I have of Ben Johnson are his super depressing ‘Cheetah’ commercials.

With De Grasse out for the rest of the season, we now have to wait until next year to see if a Canadian is once again the fastest man on earth. It’s just a shame that we won’t get to see Bolt Vs. De Grasse, who knows how much longer Bolt will continue to run, for all we know, if he wins this, he hangs them up for good. Damn shame.

*Talk about in depth track analysis, wow.


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