Did Barack Obama Win The 2008 Election Because of Foreign Intervention?

While Donald Trump has continued to remain on the attack, despite being elected president, I feel like his aggression has been misguided. Since his victory in November, The Donald has relentlessly gone after his former adversary, Crooked Hillary. My issue with that, is that he already won that war. He’s the president, while she’s writing a book on how it was everybody’s fault but hers for her election loss.

Donald Trump is acting like the Allies after World War One, Versailles-ing all over the place. Instead, The Donald should be emulating the Allies at the end of World War Two.  Treating his former enemy with grace and class all in the name of antisemitism fighting a common enemy.

The Donald needs to remember who his true enemy is, Barack Hussein Obama. Donald Trump was instrumental in keeping the coals close to Obama’s feet, always attacking him out of left field, demanding to see Barack’s birth certificate. It was a stroke of genius, instead of being able to focus on things like the economy and health care, Barack Obama was forced to deal with a flurry of accusations, when it came to his place of origin.

Donald Trump was also the first to correctly point out that Barack Obama did create Isis, technically.


Had Barack Obama not killed former American ally Osama Bin Laden, creating a power vacuum in the Middle East, whose to say who would’ve been in power right now.

Barack Obama also intentionally sabotaged Trump’s election win. First, he didn’t have nearly tight enough security to stop foreign intervention, that’s on him, not Trump. THEN, he only warned Trump a couple times about the issues that might arise with hiring Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser.

So while the lamestream media and the fake news networks want to focus on possible Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election like some hung-up ex. I’d like to focus on an election where I know foreign intervention took place. The 2008 Presidential Election. That’s right, when Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, he had the help of foreign nationals, campaigning for him, ensuring he’d win over the Maverick John McCain.

Back in 2008 former Ontario Minister of Transportation Edward (Ed) Fulton helped campaign for the soon to be President. He went to at least two different states, ensuring people got buttons and pamphlets all in the hopes of securing a Democrat victory. So how many Canadians helped Obama campaign back in 2008? While I don’t have the exact numbers, as their unquantifiable what I do know, is that Ed Fulton took at least a busload of his lackey’s to the States. Did he orchestrate this bus trip or did he just take it because he has difficulties driving at night? Well I reached out to Mr. Fulton for a comment but got no reply from him or his camp.

While it’s impossible to come to a 100% conclusion, the facts seem to speak for themselves. Barack Obama won the 2008 Presidential Election because of help from nefarious Canadian foreign dignitaries. Had they not drove down and help spread his dangerous message of “hope”, we might’ve had 8 years of McCain and Palin.


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