Chris Pratt Pulls A Russell Wilson And Get’s Divorced Before His Next Big Payday

Must be something in that Seattle water as Chris Pratt has now joined his favourite QB in the fact that he got divorced right before he was about to really start making some real cash. You thought being the star of ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ and ‘Jurassic World’ got you the big bucks? Well just wait till he starts getting that sequel money and even more importantly that ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ money. Can’t be tied down to a lady whose most recent film of note was the ‘House Bunny’.

Don’t get me wrong, Anna Faris is an angel, she was a huge part of my childhood growing up, thanks to the ‘Scary Movie’ franchise and when I found out she was married to Chris Pratt, I was shocked, nay, stunned. I mean, at that time he was just Andy Dwyer and she was, well, Anna Faris. So, whilst I am saddened to hear that love is in fact dead because if two people who fell in love over a love for collecting bugs can’t make it, then who can?

I do understand the reasoning, when in Hollywood, your significant other needs to represent your social standing. Why do you think Brad Pitt cheated on Jenifer Anniston? Cause he was a movie star and she wasn’t. Is that right? Probably not but that’s the way of the world.


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