China Is Building Their Own Titanic Which Definitely Won’t End In Disaster

titanic 2

Look, I don’t care if this thing is 1,000 kilometers from the nearest ocean, this is only ending in one way and that’s 1,000 leagues under the sea. You can’t just rebuild the Titanic and not expect it to sink. That’s like taking a Malaysian Airlines flight and expecting your flight to not go horribly wrong.

Not to mention, way to break the stereotype of Chinese knockoffs. How does China not get more shit for cultural appropriation? They built their own Eiffel Tower, created fake McDonald’s’ & KFC’s and now their making their own fake Titanic which is expected to get over 10 million visitors a year!

I don’t know how China’s allowed to get away with this, because when one white girl wears a native headdress to a festival, the whole internet explodes. Classic plight of the white person.

Also, wasn’t somebody else already making their own Titanic 2? Because I swear I remember hearing about someone making a new Titanic within the last few years. Not a great look for China to not be on the cusp of innovation.

The best part of this story is that there are relatives of people who survived the Titanic who are angry about this, just look at this quote from the article: The project, with all its glitzy hype, has offended some relatives of Titanic passengers. Jean Legg, daughter of survivor Sidney Daniels, says, “I think if he knew this was being replicated, he would be turning in his grave.”

First off Jean, your dad survived the crash, so no one gives a flying fuck about your feelings and secondly, WHO THE FUCK GETS OFFENDED AT THIS? I just picture Jean sitting there, stewing over the disservice the Chinese are doing to her family and their legacy. Something tells me Jean is a hit at every party, she also strikes me as someone who brings up the fact that her dad survived the Titanic every chance she has, like “oh you went to Disneyland? Well my dad survived the Titanic”.



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