North Korea Flips The Script, Releases Canadian Pastor

Say what you want about lil kim and North Korea but don’t say they’re predictable. When I went to bed last night, I figured I’d be waking up to declarations of war, not North Korea trying to extend an olive branch.

This is great news for Canadians, now we know that at worst we’ll just get a little nuclear wind when they bomb the States, which isn’t THAT bad. We’ve already created masks that deal with that type of shit, so if all I gotta do is wear a mask every time I leave my house, I’m cool with that, it would just add to my Bane impression. Not to mention, I’ll take a little nuclear wind over a bomb any day. It’s not even like Toronto is near a place North Korea would bomb. What, are they gonna go and nuke Buffalo? Buffalo has a better chance of lighting itself on fire, then getting nuked.

Also, if we’re being honest, I didn’t even know we had a guy a locked up in North Korea. I don’t know what that pastor was doing in North Korea but he better have learned his lesson. Who are these people who think that North Korea is a fine place to visit? If you get arrested while in North Korea, you only have yourself to blame. I don’t even think it’s the government’s obligation to get you out. They got bigger things to worry about when it comes to that country.


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