Is Guam Behind The Latest Turmoil Between North Korea & The United States?

With tension between the United States and North Korea at an all-time high, it’s time we start asking the hard questions, starting with “whose behind this recent turmoil”? While the sheeple of the world might tell you that Donald Trump or Kim Jong Un are responsible for this recent war of words, I would like to suggest a third party, Guam.

Think about it, when was the last time you heard about Guam? 1944-1945? Guam has been out of the spotlight longer then the existence of Godzilla. By staying out of the limelight Guam had become forgotten about, America has way too many colonies territories to remember about them all. Not to mention, Guam will never be America’s true heart’s desire, the Marshall Islands.

This is why Guam needed to get it’s name back out there, remind the States that Guam belongs to them. Because, while the States may not remember all of their territories, the second they hear their about to lose something they own, the U.S. will treat that territory like it’s fucking Jerusalem.

So how could Guam possibly be behind this? Simple.

First, while Guam may have been forgotten about by the U.S. that doesn’t mean they took all their toys off the island, the U.S. has a history of leaving weapons and soldiers behind in places they no longer care about. So Guam was able to supply the North Koreans with the latest and greatest technologies from the 1940’s, thus their fascination with nuclear bombs while the rest of the world is creating EMPs.

Secondly, they sent mean letters to Donald Trump under the guise of Kim Jong Un. No one talks shit to Donny and gets away with it.

And why did they do this?

Because Guam is a tourist country and there’s no better group of tourists then the United States military. If I’ve learned anything from movies, soldiers love; booze, drugs and prostitutes. So… The basics to any tourist economy. Then just like their current president, the United States military will invest millions if not billions into your country for possible future projects. Also the best way to ensure that Trump will give you a shitload of cash is to woo him, just look at NASA, they’re sending people to the fucking sun to ensure funding for the next 4 years.

This is why I’ve come to the conclusion that Guam not the U.S. or North Korea is behind all this turmoil. No one has anything to gain from a nuclear war, while Guam has EVERYTHING to gain from a dick measuring contest.


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