18 Year Old Canadian Denis Shapovalov Upset Rafael Nadal Last Night At The Rogers Cup.

What a stunning performance put on by the young Canadian, with many calling him the new face of Canadian tennis and rightfully so. While this wasn’t the biggest win by a Canadian tennis player, as I’d argue Raonic’s win over Federer in the Wimbledon semis was the biggest win by a Canadian. HOWEVA, I would argue that this is one of the biggest wins for tennis in Canada. Having a young Canadian shock the world by beating the World Number 1 in Canada.

Tennis seems to be the one sport that has eluded Canadians, we’ve pretty much had at least one good to great athlete in every sport, yet it seems like every year, we’re looking for the new face of Canadian tennis and I think we’ve found it in young Shapovalov. He has all the characteristics that you want in a tennis player; foreign last name? check! Impeccable hair? Oh you tell me…


And he’s beaten a top seed giving Canadian tennis fans a bunch of false hope and optimism, as they live and die by this 18 year old kid. That’s what truly defines Canadian tennis, very early success that leads to nothing.

Looking at you Genie & Raonic


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