AAAANNNNND The NFL Reminds Us Why It’s King




Oh you thought you were just gonna relax and coast into the weekend this Friday? Well think again mothafucka, cause the NFL just came from the rafters and reminded us all that it is king. How do you outdo the NBA Christmas schedule and Premiere League Opening Day? Simple. Suspend Ezekiel Elliot and have the Bills make a bunch of wild trades. Only the NFL could dominate a news cycle the way it does and on an august Friday no less.

We’ll start of with Ezekiel Elliot who has now been suspended for 6 games for pulling down a woman’s shit? breaking a guys nose? domestic abuse? The point is, he’s being suspended and probably rightfully so. While no charges have been laid on Elliot, that doesn’t tend to mean much when you see how the law treats athletes, so in a rare moment of humanity, the NFL actually made a good decision. It will be interesting to see how this impacts the Dallas offense this season. They still have a great O-line, so their two back shouldn’t be in that big of trouble but Dak will have to step it up even more then he did last year. Dak was outstanding last year but that was definitely helped by Zeke’s running threat and having Dez as a wideout. This will be Dak’s chance to show the world that he doesn’t need Zeke to run an offense and it should be intriguing to see how this plays out. On the plus side, Zeke just endeared himself to Dallas fans even more. Nothing gets Cowboys’ fans going like a few misdemeanors and a suspension.

As for the Bills, I guess they’re just trying to rid themselves of the old regime which is always a sound idea. I mean, look how well it worked for the Eagles when they did everything the opposite of Chip Kelly or hell look at how Trump is doing everything the exact opposite of Obama. That being said, I actually do think the Bills made some smart moves, they got rid of their number 1 receiver for another number 1, along with a 2nd rounder and then exchanged their CB for another. At the end of the day, they flipped a 3rd & 6th round pick for a 2nd, which I’d usually take. And, like I said, they now no longer have to deal with the decisions of the past regime.

I don’t really know what the Rams are thinking in this scenario, you guys already have a #1 WR in Tavon Austin and while he hasn’t exactly panned out, I don’t think I’m ready to put that on him and will cast the blame on Jeff Fisher (RIP) & his cavalcade of shitty QBs. So while Watkins and Austin is a lethal combo, it’s pretty useless until you get someone behind center who can throw them the ball.

I don’t know much about who the Eagles are getting but a 3rd and a CB isn’t horrible for your #1 receiver. But if I know the Eagles, this ends horribly.



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