Fuck This Dude Who Swims To Work Everyday

Seriously fuck this guy. You think you’re better then the rest of us. You don’t think you should suffer through rush hour traffic on your morning commute or a packed and smelly bus? Well then, fuck you my good sir. Bitching about going to work is what brings us together as people, it’s our one unifying quality, well, that and racism. And this guy thinks he above the rest of us. Leave it to a German to think he’s more superior then everyone else.

You know the people who work with this guy ABSOLUTELY hate him. He’s like that guy who bikes to work except 10000000000x worse. You know he brings up the fact that he swims to work every chance he can get like “oh you went there for the weekend, well I swam to work today” fuck you dude, seriously, fuck you. Not to mention, he probably smells like absolute trash. I can’t imagine the waters of Munich are the cleanest, it would be like swimming through lake Ontario to get to work, it won’t kill you but it ain’t good for ya.


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