I Respect The Hell Out Of The Cockiness From This Trump Quote

I don’t care what your political leanings are, if you can’t respect the level of cockiness in this quote,then you have big ole dump in your pants. To thank a guy for cutting government spending for you is a ruthless insult, especially since Putin did this to anger the U.S. I don’t think a lot of things get to Putin but I bet this quote did.

This is one of those rare, nay, very rare moments where Trump’s brashness works. You wanna expel a bunch of diplomats because of sanctions? Well jokes on you, because I needed to trim some fat anyways. Trump did say he was gonna drain the swamp, I guess we just ever thought he’d outsource that to Russia.

Not to mention, how happy were these diplomats when they found out they got to leave Russia? I’d have a boner the size of the Kremlin if I found out I no longer had to work/live in that despot of a country.

I always laugh when countries try to fight back against the U.S. with sanctions of their own. Possibly the most underrated part of Trump’s Muslim ban was that Iraq said they’d no longer allow Americans to go there. I would like to meet the person whose vacation to Baghdad got ruined all because of Trump’s ban. His whole summer probably got ruined, everyone knows Baghdad is absolutely breathtaking in the summer. I’ve heard the historic sites will blow you away.


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