Anquan Boldin Just Cucked The Ravens

Literally two weeks after signing with the Buffalo Bills, Anquan Boldin decided that enough was enough and retired. I can’t blame the guy. If I saw that dumpster fire that is the Bills, I’d be out in a heartbeat. The only exciting thing the Bills have going for them is their insane fan-base. If it wasn’t for their penchant for diving through tables, the Bills would be the least memorable team in the NFL. It’s a shitty team, in an even shittier city, the fact that Canadians chose to be fans of this team is preposterous. We are blessed with having the ability of choosing any team we want (location be damned!) and you chose the Bills? The fucking Bills? They’re the only team that somehow managed to lose 4 straight Super Bowls and hasn’t won a playoff game since the year I was born, so one can understand why Boldin just said fuck it. He can say that he’s leaving for humanitarian reasons but let’s cut the shit. He left because the Bills are an absolute shit-show, we’re talking about a team that fired GM the day after  the draft! Way to exemplify consistency, you idiots.

The best part of this all, is this tweet from the Bills official twitter account a mere 13 days ago:idiots

That’s right folks,,, both guys pictured here are no longer on the Bills. Maybe their friendship helped them realize that they were in the midst of a hell hole and needed to get out A$AP.


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