In A Bit of Good News, Steve Bannon Hath Landed On His Feet


Oh thank goodness, I was worried after Bannon resigned from his post in the White House that he’d find himself unemployed for a long time. If I’ve learned anything these past weeks, it’s that it’s getting harder and harder to find a job as a Nazi. Funny how those who condemn discrimination are actively discriminating against certain types of people and why? Cause they think they’re the superior race, cause they’ve made a few (hundred) racist remarks. Tell me where it says that a private company has the right not to hire someone due to their racist beliefs?

Luckily for Bannon, there was a place willing to employ him, Breitbart. You know, the website he use to run. With Bannon back at the helm we can expect Breitbart to go back to being our leading source in all things Pro-Trump. This of course will allow us to stop watching the left-leaning Fox News and not a moment too soon. I couldn’t help but notice that they’ve really begun to lax in their Hillary and Obama conspiracies. Sad

So while Goebbels Jr. may no longer hold his post in Washington, he can at least take solace in knowing that he can still peddle all the propaganda his heart could possibly desire.

Who would’ve guessed that a guy who looked like he was on death’s door would end up back running his own website. Only in America!




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