The Colts Are Reportedly Shopping Philip Dorsett

By all accounts, this news makes all the sense in the world, the one thing the Colts have plenty of is wide receivers. I’m not sure of the exact number of WRs the Colts have, but if I had to guess a number, it would be somewhere around 200.

Disappointment would be an understatement when discussing Dorsett’s tenure with the Colts. Despite being a speedy receiver, Dorsett has managed to scored exactly 3 touchdowns in his 2 years with the Colts. The guy has been an absolute waste of space and pretty much encompasses the Grigson era and the Colts as a whole for the last two decades. Instead of drafting defensive players or guys to protect your QB, year after year they draft skill positioned players and squander their quarterback’s career. It’s infuriating.

Now, twitter is a buzz with a possible Dorsett for Reggie Ragland from the Bills trade. While on paper this trade makes sense for both teams, seeing as the Colts are putrid on D and the Bills are losing WR’s faster then Trump does Press Secretaries.

I disagree with this trade, Ragland missed all last year due to an ACL tear that he suffered during training camp last year. The Colts don’t need another injury prone player, it’s bad enough our QB is one snap away from exploding. In my opinion the Colts should be looking for an O-lineman. They’ve already lost O-lineman Ryan Kelly for the foreseeable future, so why not trade Dorsett, a guy whose in a stuffed receiving core for an O-lineman?

Also, I know this is wishful thinking and probably a horrible move, but the Colts should trade Dorsett to the Cleveland Browns for Joe Thomas. Joe Thomas might be the greatest lineman of all-time and his whole career has been wasted in that despot of a city. I wouldn’t even mind if we had to throw a pick in or something. I know the last time we sent a pick over to the Browns, we got T-Rich but at least Thomas has proven himself, never gets injured and it’s not like the Browns are gonna draft anyone special, S/O former GM Ryan Grigson’s new job but then again, the Colts aren’t really the beacon of competency when it comes to drafting themselves…


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