Apparently The Umps Wore Armbands This Weekend In Protest of The Verbal Abuse They Suffer

Lmao, classic Baby Boomers, just a bunch of old snowflakes, I tell yeah. Poor Joe West can’t take a little verbal criticism so he has to wear an armband, what a fucking joke. I seem to remember another group of officials that prided themselves on their armbands…

Anyways, I was always under the impression that umpires were grown men, not a bunch of fucking babies. Oh boohoo, a baseball player said a mean word to you, suck it up and move on.

I mean for fucks sake, you’re paid to ref a game! If that comes with a cost of a little verbal abuse, then so be it. You have nothing to complain about, do you know how many people would be willing to take your  job in a heartbeat? Bryce Harper could call my mother a whore and I wouldn’t bat an eye and you know why? CAUSE I GET TO SPEND MY DAYS REFFING A FUCKING GAME. For a group of guys who average weight is 200lbs, they got some fairly thin skin.

This just reinforces my idea that umpires should be replaced by robots. The fact that they haven’t yet, has to be one of life’s great mysteries. I mean, we’ve all seen ump make the game about him, acting like fans paid to see him throw a player out. Well newsflash, the fans aren’t there to see you, you egotistical fucks.

This is also pretty offensive given the current political climate. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a bunch of millionaires call me a cunt over being run-over by a fucking Nazi.


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