Good News Everybody, Trump’s Got A Plan For Afghanistan!


Finally! After 16 years of being bogged down in a costly land war, someone has figured out a way to end this thing and that person? The one and only, Donald Trump. Now, some detractors will point out the fact that Afghanistan is an unwinnable war, that neither the British or Soviets were ever able to conquer it and that both George W. Bush and Barrack Obama failed in bringing stability to the region but those people are forgetting that none of those people or countries were Donald J. Trump.

The Donald has yet to lay out a concrete plan, already showing us that he’s willing to do what it’s predecessors wouldn’t, adapt on the fly. I believe is was Sun Tzu who said “the best plan, is no plan”. How can the terrorists possibly prepare for what the American’s are going to do, when they themselves don’t know their next move. Bush tried brute force, Obama tried logic, it’s time for a wild card and that’s exactly what Trump is, a wild card.

I mean, what else was he suppose to do, leave the region? I don’t want to live in a world where the United States is not actively engaging in a pointless war. Without Afghanistan, how is the military industrial complex suppose to continue on? One must also concede that war is great for the job market. Since 2001 over 2 million soldiers have served in either Afghanistan or Iraq, yet I don’t hear anybody from the mainstream media thanking the government for giving all these men and women the opportunity for employment. Or what about America’s morticians? Thousands have died in order to ensure peace? stability? OK, I don’t really know why were in Vietnam 2.0 but the point is, it’s never been a better time be an American mortician, and the industry is looking to be heading for another upswing.

Trump has even done something that his predecessors wouldn’t and condemned the Pakistani for their harboring of terrorists. Sure, Obama killed Osama Bin Laden, but did he ever scold them in a press conference? Not one that I’ve seen. And yes, neither of these countries are on his ban list and yes, it was Saudi Arabia who funded 9/11 and not Afghanistan but that’s all a matter of semantics. That would be like saying the United States set up the Gulf of Tonkin incident in order to escalate the Vietnam War…

P.S. A lot of people are mocking Trump for talking about the Afghani Prime Minister, when they don’t actually have one. That’s on Afghanistan, not Trump.



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