The Joker Is Getting A Standalone Movie That’ll Explore His Origin & People Are Not Pleased


Some pretty big and decisive news came out of the comic-book community earlier last night, as it was announced that Martin Scorsese would produce a Joker origin film, directed by Todd Philips (Old School, The Hangover Trilogy & War Dogs). The divisiveness comes because on one hand you got a film produced by arguably one of Hollywood’s greatest directors but on the other-hand, DC’s most recent track record is horse shit and that’s putting it kindly. Wonder Woman might’ve been good but that was DC’s last chance at keeping anybody interested in the upcoming Justice League films.

Now before anybody get’s too up in arms, everything that is announced by DC I take with a grain of salt. The amount of movies that have gone through development or the writing process for DC is insane, everything from a Nick Cage Superman to a Guy Ritchie Lobo and since The Flash has been in absolute production hell, I think everyone needs to take a calm and collected breath. Not to mention, a long with DC’s sketchy past with creating movies, Scorsese himself doesn’t have the greatest record for certain projects panning out. It took him like 20 years to create Silence and that movie was a 3 hour snooze-fest, so like I said, DC might wanna count their chickens before they hatch.

As for the movie itself, people are mad because the Joker doesn’t really have an origin story. That’s why Heath Ledger’s portrayal kept changing his story for how he got his scars and why everyone hated that Jared Leto’s interpretation had “damaged” tatted across his head. But then again, one of the most famous Batman comics The Killing Joke involved a joker origin story, that saw him as a failed comedian who fell into a vat of acid.  So… like usual, comic-book fans have found themselves in a contradictory loophole where they get angry about a fictional character in a fictional world. We should all just be happy that they didn’t announce that it was going to be a woman of colour portraying the legendary role or else the internet might’ve finally collapsed in-itself.

Some people might be critical of the director choice but I think it’s fine. Old School & The Hangover  are modern comedy classics and War Dogs was an entertaining enough flick, so I’m all for Todd Phillips at the helm. Also, it’s way harder to make a comedy compared to a drama, people forget that Tom Hanks started off as a comedian, now he’s the most treasured actor not named Daniel Day-Lewis.

One interesting piece of information that came about the film is that it would have no connection to the already existing DC Extended Universe, which is pretty weird, seeing as the Joker is arguably their most famous infamous villain and this isn’t a Marvel scenario, where a bunch of their properties are spread across multiple studios, Warner Bros owns all of DC, so it’s a very puzzling move, unless this is a sign of things to come. Jared Leto will also not be apart of this film, leaving many to speculate whether or not we’ll ever get to see his full portrayal of the Villain instead of that ripoff 20 minutes in Suicide Squad.



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