Colts Trade Phillip Dorsett To The Pats Because Fuck It, Right?

Screenshot 2017-09-04 13.25.47

ARE YOU FUCKING ME? I thought the whole reason we got rid of that sunglass wearing shit stain of a GM, Ryan Grigson was so that the Colts would stop making horrendous trades like this. Chris Ballard better have gotten into Jim Irsay’s Xanax stash, because this trade doesn’t make any fucking sense.

I realize that the Colts need a backup quarterback, that’s no secret, but there was no need to trade a player for one. Do you know who currently is available? COLIN FUCKING KAEPERNICK! We could’ve signed a QB who made the goddamn Super Bowl but god forbid the Colts sign a guy who protested the national anthem, because of the way black people are treated within the United States. Good job Ballard, you traded a first round pick for a 3rd string QB all to appease a bunch of goddamn yokels who on Sunday, pack a Hooters so much to the brim, that there’s a fucking waiting line outside of it, I kid you not.

Look, Dorsett hasn’t panned out, I’m on record bashing the guy but that’s cause it was a waste of a pick drafting him. The Colts didn’t need some speedy WR, they already had Hilton and Moncrief. Do you know what the Colts could’ve used? A FUCKING OFFENSIVE LINEMAN! Maybe we wouldn’t need another QB if the retarded monkeys running the Colts realized that an O-line is more important, then 30 fucking receivers

The worst part about this, is that you know Dorsett is going to be a STUD on the Pats. Him and Brady are probably going to hookup for 15 TD’s. The Colts could’ve traded Dorsett to literally any team and he’d end up flaming out but the Pats? Those guys could turn me into a Pro-Bowler.

We’re a week away from the NFL season and I’m already depressed.



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