I Respect The Hell Out of The People of Houston For Foregoing Vegan Food Despite Hurricane Harvey

Absolutely amazing. In the midst of possibly the worst hurricane Houston has ever seen, the citizens of Houston collectively agreed that eating Vegan food was going too far. Some people might call this stupid but I call it commendable. It’s very rare these days to see a whole city of people come together like this and stick to their morals. Some family could’ve taken this food and most people would probably understood but that’s not who Houstonians are. These are people with conviction. You don’t watch David Carr get sacked 276 times in 5 years and then go vegan the second a little rain starts coming down.

Big Vegan’s gotta be a little worried with this photo making the rounds. You never wanna be the food that people won’t even eat during a hurricane. Imagine being the last family to go to that store and make the decision.

Dad: “Well kids, we can either go vegan for the week or leave it up to chance”

Kids: “We’re good”

I hope we can locate one of the last customers at this place, like how they track-down Powerball winners. Just need to see what these people look like and definitely need to hear their thought process.

It’s photo’s like these that make me think, maybe America will be ok.

H/T @MattOswaltVA


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