Houston Continues To Give The Middle Finger To God, Legalizes Open Carry For Swords, In The Midst of Harvey

Fucking love it. I can’t get enough of the news coming out Houston, the good news that is. Whether it be boycotting vegan foods in the midst of the worst hurricane they’ve ever seen or finding the time to legalize open carry for swords.

That’s my biggest question here, I thought everyone had all but left the city of Houston. Who was there to cast this monumental vote? Was it a small group of like 4 old people who refused to leave because they’re old and curmudgeons? I don’t know but whomever they are, I thank them for their tireless service, to stay in a city that’s getting absolutely bombarded by rainfall, all to pass some measly bill? Talk about a love for the job. 

They really couldn’t have passed it at a better time either, where’s there’s natural disasters, there’s looting. Those are the rules, I do not make them. This is why we need to ensure that every citizen has the proper necessities to keep them and their loved one safe. 

For too long, sword bearers have been persecuted. Sure, the Second Amendment allows for firearms but what about swords and machetes? It doesn’t seem fair that someone can just pick me off from 50 feet away with an AR 15 and I’m not allowed to at least be given the chance to bumrush him with my replica Longclaw sword. It just doesn’t seem right. Not in the land of opportunities and the home of the brave.

I for one can’t wait when we have our first case of ‘Sword on Looter’ action. Talk about a headline.

Hurricane Harvey, the storm that keeps on giving. Unless less you live in Houston or the surrounding areas….


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