Enemy of the Program, Sam Bennett Re-Signs With The Flames For $3.9 Million

Classic, selfish, Sam Bennett, holding out all the way until September before finally re-signing back with his own club. That is, after he pretty much stole 4 million from the city of Calgary. Who does Mr. Bennett think he is? 
The province of Alberta can’t be giving million dollar handouts to every Tom, Dick and Harry who doesn’t wanna work for $3 mill. They have enough funds tied up in forest fire insurance and Conor McDavid but in comes Sam Bennett like an Eastern Carpetbagger, taking the city of Calgary for all it has.

Riddle me this, how can a guy who only did 1 chin-up be worth close to 4 million? I think at most, you should only get a mill per chin-up in this nany state. 

Why does a 21 year old even need all this money for? How are we to be 100% positive that some of this money isn’t making it’s way into ISIS’s hands? I’m not accusing Sam of giving money to ISIS, I’m just saying are we sure he’s not? Or possibly even worse, I’ve seen a lot of white guys with nice haircuts on TV spouting out some pretty nasty shit as of late. Has Sam Bennett come out and publicly condoned Nazis? Not that I’ve seen. Once again I’m not saying that Mr. Bennett supports Nazism but I’m also going to wait for him to formally denounce them. Funny how people got mad at Trump for  taking a weekend to decide whether or not Nazis were bad, yet Sam Bennett has remained silent throughout. Sometimes, there’s action within silence, juss saying.

Not to mention, while Sam was gauging the city of Calgary for every last penny, I was helping mold the minds of the youth. So you tell me who the real hero is.

Obligatory Enemies List:


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