In A Move That Should Shock No One, J.J. Abrams Has Been Brought On To Direct ‘Star Wars’ Episode 9

After Colin Trevorrow announced that he’d be exiting the project, I think the decision to bring back Abrams was obvious. He did a fantastic job with The Force Awakens blending both new and old by giving fans, the fan-service they wanted, all the while launching the story in a whole new direction.

I realize that a lot of people criticized Abrams for pretty much rehashing the plot of A New Hope and while both are very similar, I think you can see the clear distinction in styles and tone. Not to mention, if you wanna start nitpicking, Return of the Jedi was pretty much just a rehash of A New Hope, just with a little bit of Yoda. At least Abrams’ timeline makes sense, history always repeats itself, so why wouldn’t a group who loved the Empire try not to replicate what they did, only BIGGER. The Force Awakens might have had a lot of similarities with A New Hope but I think people can agree, that it was different enough for longtime fans to enjoy but yet had that New Hope Feel that drew us all in, but for the next generation.

I think there’s also something to be said about Abrams closing out the story he helped create. Colin Trevorrow is a tremendous director but if I were to have anybody finish the trilogy, it would be Abrams. So many fans were nervous when this new trilogy was announced and for good reasons. While I don’t despise the prequels, I wouldn’t call them “great cinema”, so there was reason to be nervous but Abrams knocked it out of the park.

Obviously we still gotta wait for Episode 8 to come out later this year but from the only released trailer, I think it’s going to be pretty fucking dope and hopefully they release the second trailer for it soon. December’s coming up and we’ve still yet to get a second trailer.


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