Andrew Luck Reportedly Wants Out of Indy And I’m Definetly Not Panicking/Crying

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. It’s very rare in the NFL for a star quarterback to begin to question whether or not he should remain with a franchise, that’s why they tend to only end up playing for one team unless they float around as a 38-40 year old. So to hear this news, is most troubling, I won’t lie to you.

But I completely get it. The Colts have been an absolute shit show. Him & T.Y. are the only two good picks that the Colts have made since drafting Luck. And, that was the first year of the Grigson era and now he’s helping out the fucking Cleveland Browns. Not to mention, Luck was a slam dunk draft pick. Everyone knew he would go number 1 and was NFL ready, had he’d gone pro a year earlier, he probably would’ve been taken over Cam Newton but since then the Colts have been an absolute boondoggle.

Andrew Luck gets hit almost every play and has sack numbers that bring back memories of David Carr. And what do the Colts do? Refuse to build an O-line. You know who would’ve been a better player to get from the Browns that would actually helped? Joe Fucking Thomas. I would give 2 first round picks for that guy, if it meant that Luck would actually start a season without internal bleeding.

I hope Luck ends up staying with the Colts. Just like I hope one day the assclowns up top realize that an O-line is pivotal to winning a Super Bowl, let alone the fact that it also means that your QB is safe. I do actually think Luck stays just because Irsay will just throw a blank check at him but if he decides to leave, the Colts better trade him for the house because I can’t fucking deal with this team anymore and it’s only week 2.

On a positive note (?) newly acquired Jacoby Brissett will start this Sunday.

Screenshot 2017-09-15 16.29.04

I don’t know if Brissett is actually good but I know that Scott Tolzien fucking blows, so I’ll take Brissett any day. Maybe he can lead the Colts to a 2-2 record, in time for Luck to get healthy or if he really starts to shine let him play 6 games. Luck is obviously better but his long term health is more important to the team then him starting 2 weeks early just to get re-injured.


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