Do We Need To Respond To Saturns Clear Act of Aggression? 

For those of you haven’t heard, today, Saturn destroyed one of NASA’s spacecrafts that it sent there to take photos. And while some liberals have been quick to applaud Saturn for destroying U.S. property

Screenshot 2017-09-15 16.54.45

This author believes that this is a clear act of aggression. And I know what you’re thinking “but OnePercent, why should we care about an American spacecraft?”. The answer to that is of course, if it’s willing to go after American spacecrafts, what’s next?  The Canadarm?

I think it’s obvious that earth has to react to this clear act of aggression with one of it’s own. If not, we could have another Nazi Germany situation on our hands. Look at what happened when we appease Hitler, as he took over the Sudetenland. Now, imagine that but in space. That’s right, Saturn may be the closest thing we’ve come to involving space nazis, besides the actual Nazis who helped out with the space program.

First Saturn destroys our technology and next thing you know, we’re next. That’s why I propose shooting a nuclear missile right at Saturn. I believe with the right team, we could dodge it’s astroid defenses, launching a bomb into the planet, the likes it’s never seen.

The balls in your court U.N. but I trust you’ll do the right thing.


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