Hand Up. I Didn’t Know Nambia Was A Made Up Country.

Unless you live under a rock, by now you’ve heard about Trump’s gaff in-front of the African delegation at the U.N. where he talked about the great nation of Nambia, only issue is, Nambia is not a real country, nor has it ever been. Well, I’m not going to lie, while I knew Nambia was no longer a country, I fully believed that there was at one point, a country named Nambia, but clearly I was wrong.

Obviously it’s a little different when the President of the United States fucks up that badly, as you’d think his speech went through rigorous editing compared to that of the knowledge of some 22 year old. But, anyone who knows me, knows that I pride myself on my history knowledge so to find out I was believing in a made up country is a little bit of a shot to the heart.

But in both mine and Trump’s defense, it’s difficult to keep up with which African nation is called what. African countries change names like P. Diddy.


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