Trump Finally Goes Too Far, Attacks The NFL

A few days ago Trump decided to rescind his offer to the Golden State Warriors for their White House visit, after star mouthguard chewer Steph Curry announced that he would not be attending, once again showing us that hockey is the better sports as a hockey player would never do such thing.

Then, out of nowhere, The Donald decided to drop a series of scolding tweets, that took aim at the NFL. The reasoning for all this of course, is over the fact that players have been kneeling during the National Anthem and while Trump is no stranger to attacking people via twitter, I think this time the world agreed, Donald Trump, had finally gone too far.

You see, it was one thing when he was calling Mexicans rapists, mocking a disabled reporter, tried to ban Muslims from the U.S., said he was gong to pardon one of the most corrupt cops in America, defended Nazis, got caught saying that he’d like to grab a woman by the pussy, invented his own country during a U.N speech, insinuated that Ted Cruz’s father was involved with the assassination of JFK or the fact that he’s still under FBI investigation, but to go after football…That’s too far, not my President.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Donald has such a disdain for football. He was the leading cause in the extermination of the USFL, but that doesn’t mean you go smiting football leagues, left and right like you’re god. You know why I can say this? Because God took the 7th day for rest AKA cracking a beer, ignoring his pestering son and watching some good ole fashion footbawl. Don’t believe me? Then why does church start at 11 and end at 12? Because that gives churchgoers enough time to Rob Riggles’ classic FOX football skits.

This could affect Trump on two fronts as both billionaires/millionaires and regular Joe’s alike have begun to protest Trump’s protest over players protesting, a real inception type of scenario we got going on here. We know multiple owners not only voted for Trump but gave money to his campaign just like we know that some players voted for him, Tom Brady, Jay Cutler, etc. And then there’s the obvious fact that Trump won cause he appealed to the most average to below average Joe’s out there but now he’s going after their sport. Trump might want to read the letters to the editor section of the Charlotte Observer before he decides if this is really a war he wants to wage.

This also raises the question of whether or not Donald Trump is anti-family. As we all know, football, is family. I was always under the impression that Trump was a family man given his clear desire to fuck his daughter but I was wrong. Sad!

P.S. The National Anthem is such an overrated song. It might as well be ‘We Are Never Getting Back Together’. If you don’t wan’t players to kneel during the National Anthem maybe switch it up to something more modern. I have a hard time believing anyone would be kneeling during the National Anthem if it was ‘YES’ by LMFAO.


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