George Washington Was The Original Colin Kaepernick. My Column,,,

Folks,,,,,,, With Donald Trump going after some of our most beloved athletes and sports, I thought that this was the perfect time to re-open the discussion in regards to Colin Kaepernick. And by discussion, I mean the fact that he’s a fraud. While the libtards applaud Mr. Kaepernick and the viewers of Info Wars laud him, both groups are missing the big-point. The fact is, Colin Kaepernick is nothing more then a copycat. I understand that history always repeats itself and that the NFL is a copycat league, but I refuse to sit here and give Mr. Kaepernick credit for stealing someone else’s idea.

You see, people forget that George Washington was the first person to protest a football loving country because of social injustice, so really, George Washington is the original Colin Kaepernick. Except, instead of just kneeling, Mr. Washington declared war on the British. So, not only is Kaepernick a fraud but also, a pussy. If he REALLY cared about equality, he’d stop donating/raising money and would take up arms against the United States. It’s easy to give a million dollars away when you don’t have a job but it’s a lot more difficult to wage a war against the biggest empire in the world IMO.

And whilst I can appreciate Kaepernick’s homage to America’s first President, just like I can appreciate the fact that all of Shakespeare’s work was either stolen from the bible or about some king’s life, but if Kaepernick wants to pretend to be a President, I think the choice is pretty obvious… Andrew Jackson. I mean, there’s probably a 38% chance their related anyways.


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