Does Twitter Approve of Segregation? An Investigative Look.

Folks,,, the United States hasn’t been this divided since the last time the news said it was the most divided and what does twitter decide to do? Segregate us. That’s right, twitter has created the internets first ever Jim Crow law. How did they do this? By only giving a select few people the ability to tweet 280 characters as if us folks,,, with 170 followers don’t even matter. You know who else once only had 170 followers, Martin Luther King, and look what he was able to do. Am I saying I’m the next Martin Luther King? No. Could I be? Who am I to say.

There’s a little something called free speech and twitter is clearly silencing the masses while giving only the elites a medium for communication. How can you expect me to solve race relations with a 140 character limit? How can I solve the Israel-Palestine situation? The answer is, I can’t. Now if I were to have a 280 limit, maybe I could. A lot could be done with 280 characters.

There’s also the fact that twitter clearly doesn’t care about the damage 280 characters can cause. While I think I could solve world issues with 280 characters, a certain President of the United States on the other hand… Think of all the damage Trump has done with the 140 character limit, and now you’re going to double it? This is worse then giving him the nuclear codes, at least those he has to try and remember. Trump is the Josey Wales of twitter, his twitter fingers are trigger fingers.


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