Leonardo DiCaprio & Martin Scorsese Are Supposedly Making A Teddy Roosevelt Movie

Jesus Christ, just kiss already! I’m surprised these two haven’t gotten blue balls from the amount of projects they’ve announced they’re doing. I believe these two as much as I believe Mormonism is the right religion. I honestly don’t know whose attached to more projects at the moment, DiCaprio & Scorsese or Guillermo Del Toro. Let’s not forget, that earlier this month it was announced that Scorsese would be producing a Joker movie, with rumours floating that DiCaprio would play the infamous villain. And that doesn’t even begin to mention the other movies that they’ve said they were going to do. Whatever happened to their Sinatra biopic or their Devil In A White City movie that I want so desperately made.

If you don’t know about the Devil In The White City it’s a book on serial killer H. H. Holmes who literally made a murder house and killed a bunch of people during the Chicago World’s fair. It’s a wild story and both DiCaprio and Scorsese have been linked to this project for years now. So they can keep announcing all these movies but until I see the final product or at least a fucking trailer. I’m taking all news DiCaprio-Scorsese related with a grain of salt.


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