Is Saudi Arabia Allowing Women To Drive A Slippery Slope?

Look, no one loves progress more then me, no one. And I’d go as far enough to argue, that I’m the biggest feminist out there, or at least on this site, so while it’s nice to see Saudi Arabia joining the 20th century, the question has to be asked, what’s next?

If I’ve learned anything from the Republican Party it’s that by granting people right’s, you’re opening up a whole new can of worms. Like how over dozens of GOP senators and congressmen argued that if you allowed two men to marry, then people would start fucking goats. While the logic may be flawed, the reasoning is sound.

You see, the issue with humans is that they’re selfish. Once you give them one right, they want ALL the rights. You think the women of Saudi Arabia are going to stop here? Did the Arabs stop after the Battle of Tafileh? Hell no! They kept on marching forward, to accomplish their goal and that’s exactly what’s going to happen here. First, you let women drive and next thing you know, you’re allowing them to vote and they end up taking down the patriarchy. It’s a sad day when a group of rich men can’t just run a country.

P.S. I don’t like to bring up 9/11 this close to Halloween but this might a good time to go after the Saudis for their, you know, whole funding of the attacks. I’m just saying, it’s clear the Saudis are weak or else they’d never allow something so progressive to come into law.

P.P.S. This blog has to be the favourite for why I never end up becoming a teacher.



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