Colts Start Out Strong In Seattle, Then Proceed To Forget How To Play Football In The Second Half

Remember when the Colts went into the locker-room at halftime with a 5 point lead? I member. Fo the first 30 minutes, Colts fans were filled with spirit and even thought that what looked like might be a blowout, could end up being a Colts win. Obviously this wasn’t the case…

The Colts started strong, after allowing an early field goal, the Colts defense responded by forcing a safety, Pagano would have to challenge the play as it was originally ruled an incomplete pass but in a rare turn of events, Pagano actually won a challenge. He’d actually go on to win another one, which has to be a first, for the worlds leading grit coin collector.

Once again, Jacoby Brissett looked great… for a half. He threw a pick-six on their first or second drive, I can’t remember. You can’t have the Colts play at 8:30 and not expect me to be absolutely shitfaced. Anyways, after the pick, most young QBs would buckle under the pressure, but that ain’t Jacoby’s style, as he led the team down for a touchdown drive, the next time he was on the field, handing Turbo Turbin the ball at the 1 yard line Brissett as well threw a beautiful touchdown pass to Donte Moncrief.

As the half was winding down, the Seahawks had a chance to tie up the game but to no ones surprise Blair Walsh missed a field goal as the half expired. I want to make fun of Walsh but at this point, it’s just getting sad. If you held his family hostage and made him kick a 40 yard-er, he’d probably shank it.

Then the second half began and the Colts got absolutely trounced and that’s all I got to say about that. What I will talk about, is Pagano’s inability to adapt or make halftime adjustments. I realize the Colts went into the locker room leading by 5 but anyone with a brain knew the Seahawks weren’t just going to lay down. You can’t have your team give up 36 points in the second half, especially after how well they played in the first.

Colts Record: 1-3

Projection: 9-7


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