It Took The Colts Overtime To Defeat The Now 0-5 49ers

It wasn’t the prettiest game but a win is a goddamn win and that’s exactly what the Colts got. Jacoby Brisket continued to cook up a QB controversy in Indy as he played an almost perfect game. His sole mistake, was that atrocious overtime interception in the end-zone, that almost cost the Colts the game but besides for that one mistake, Brissett was lights out.

While the 49ers are winless, they came into this game losing all their games by a combined score of 8, so they’ve clearly been in every game, they just can’t close, like me at a bar. The Colts secondary continued to make whomever they are playing look like Dan Fucking Marino, this time it was the prodigal son himself Bryan Hoyer, who threw for over 300 yards in what has almost become a certainty. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t Pagano’s forté the secondary? SO WHY THE FUCK DO WE KEEP GETTING TORCHED FOR 300+ YARD GAMES!?! Somehow our run D has become our most consistent defensive unit, which is fucking baffling. Vontae Davis looks atrocious out on the field now, father time is undefeated and it’s clearly caught up to him. Davis should’ve had a pass interference penalty called on him, that would’ve cost the Colts the game but luckily the refs didn’t notice and the Colts were able to hold strong.

In Brissett’s 4th game as the Colts’ starter he threw for 314 yards including a couple of beautiful tosses to T.Y. Hilton, Hilton actually dropped one of them but would go on to make up for the mistake with a spectacular catch in overtime. Like I said earlier, Brissett did have one horrible INT in the red-zone, but since the Colts D held strong, I think we can all agree to look past it. The guy’s still getting used to being the starting QB and I’d say so far, he’s done an outstanding job. Because of Brissett, the Colts are still in the thick of things at 2-3, with Luck slated to come back within the next few weeks. For the first time this decade, the Colts seemed to have a cohesive running game. Rookie running back, Marlon Mack rushed for 91 yards and 1 TD, the legend himself, Frank Gore rushed for 48 yards, surpassing Eric Dickerson, a former Colt, for 7th all-time in rushing yards. Gore is also only the 3rd player to rush for 10,000 yards for a single team (the 49ers) to end up playing against his former squad, felt like I’d drop that little baseball stat in there. Mr. Brissett also ran for 14 yards and a touchdown has #7 continued to pay homage to the greatest #7, Matt Saracen.

As the title states it took overtime for the Colts to finally to put the 49ers to bed, which meant it was time for Mr. Automatic himself, Adam Vinatieri. Vinatieri nailed the game winner as the young 44 year old became 2nd, in total career field goals, with 539. Crazy to think that this guy started out in NFL Europa, only to become the greatest kicker of all-time.

Now I’d like to take a moment to talk about Peyton Manning. Yesterday the Colts retired his number and inducted them into the Colts ring of honour. There was a whole halftime ceremony dedicated to him, where Jeff Saturday snapped him the ball and he threw once last TD to Reggie. I don’t know where Marvin Harrison was, but I’ll assume he was busy hiding a gun that could implicate him in a shooting. The Colts also unveiled a statue of Manning on Saturday.

Screenshot 2017-10-09 14.27.08

Is this the greatest statue in the world? No. But at least it doesn’t honour someone who fought to preserve slavery, am I right folks,,,, I will say this, I respect the shit out of Manning making the sculpture put a helmet on him. As someone with an abnormally large forehead myself, I can sympathize with Manning and think it’s a real power move on his part to demand that his face not be shown. Cam Newton could learn a thing or two about humility from this statue of Manning. Not to mention how to properly treat a lady…….


The Colts play the Titans next Monday which I can only assume will be a rating bonanza for the NFL. Anytime you can schedule to AFC South teams for primetime, you gotta do it.

Colts Record: 2-3

Projection: 9-7


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