We’ve Finally Gone Too Far. SONY To Introduce PS4 Controllers For People With “Small Hands”

This shit is getting ridiculous, first I have to give up my bus seat for an old woman and now this, SJW’s have gone too far.

I would like to give SONY the benefit of the doubt and assume that they were pressured by the small hand in chief himself, Donald Trump. 

Knowing good ole Donnie, he probably threatened to put a trade embargo on Japan, if SONY refused to release a controller that fit his measurements.

On the real though, anyone who buys one of these mini controllers should be shoved into a locker, twice. It’s a fucking video game controller, not a firearm. I can understand buying your youngest a gun that they can actually handle, but if your kid needs a special controller to play video games? Might as well not name the kid and cast him out into the wild like a deformed spartan baby.

I can’t even imagine buying one of these controllers, strictly for the ridicule I’d get. If your friends are anything like me, they’d absolutely rip you apart for owning something as stupid as this. Video game controllers are literally made for kids, if you can’t handle them, that’s on you, not the fine people over at SONY.

I’m sick and tired of us pandering to the 1%. Oh boohoo, you’re hands are too small to hold a video game controller. Well, some kid in Africa just had his hand cut off. Bet you feel like a piece of shit now, huh?
On the flip side, at least Charlie Kelly’s pedophile uncle will finally be able to play video games with kids.


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