The Colts Get Embarrassed At Home And Somehow, Adult Make A Wish Product, Chuck Pagano Still Has A Job.

Someone please explain to me how Chuck Pagano is still employed, yet John Ferrell is currently praying to god “Repeal & Replace” goes as well as a Donald Trump marriage. Seriously though folks,,,, I’m a hooker away from scoring more then the Colts did yesterday. That’s right, for the first time since 1993 the Colts didn’t score a point. EVEN during the two seasons where the Colts finished last and secured the number 1 overall pick, they still managed to score at least a field goal. What a fucking joke, AND to make matters worse, Leonard Fournette wasn’t even playing. Not to mention for the seventh time this season, the Colts secondary made the opposing QB look like Dan fucking Marino. Also, star rookie Malik Hooker got injured and will be out for the rest of the season.

It’s clear that this Colts season is over. While I still may hold allusions of grandeur, I know it’s done. This is why I’m imploring the Colts, not to play Andrew Luck for the rest of the season. It’s week 7 and the Colts have won 2 games, sure the AFC South use to be dog shit but low behold, it finally got competent. Why risk Luck’s health over a lost season? Why not let Brissett finish out the season? This will allow for Brissett to prove himself as a valuable asset, that the Colts could trade or at least, show that he’s a competent backup. The Colts may have been shutout, but that had nothing to do with Brissett’s play. The reason the Colts didn’t score was due to a lack of leadership but more importantly a lack of creativity. Pagano and Co. Have known that Luck would be out since before the preseason began. Enough is enough, let Brissett start the rest of the season and have a healthy Andrew Luck come next year.

As for Pagano, fuck it, let him keep his job. The only thing he seems to be good at is losing, unless you count battles against cancer. With Pagano at the helm, the Colts could easily go 4-12 and hell, in a perfect world, wouldn’t win another game. This would secure, prodigal son Jim Harbaugh’s return, with a top 3 pick to boot. If I were the Colts, I’d trade said pick for some sort of package deal, this is suppose to be the year of the quarterback, so if history has taught anything, it’s that stupid teams will be chomping at the bit to make stupid trades. The Colts don’t need a top 3 pick, they need a plethora of picks, allowing them to fix up their O-line and D at the same time. I realize you can’t fix a team in one draft but you could at least fucking start.



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