I Refuse To Sit Here An Applaud Colombia For Making Their Biggest Coke Bust To Date.

Participation trophy culture has gone too far. Since when did we start applauding the Colombians for doing their job? Like, if your only major export is cocaine, I’d like to think that you’d know how to stop it. But this really just highlights a bigger issue. Isn’t time for Colombia to just embrace it’s cocaine culture. Because if you can survive both Pablo Escobar and Cali Cartel, only to make your biggest bust this year? I feel like it’s time to just roll over and become a narco state.

I also think this story is a little blown out of proportion because I just assume every bust the Colombian army does at this point is it’s biggest to date. It’s not like Colombia is going to come out and brag about catching Shakira with an 8-ball. They need to see tons on the table before an ounce of blood rushes to their dicks.

P.S. Thots & Prayers to those who love to play in the snow. Can’t imagine how this will impact the hard working people who just like a line or two on a Saturday.


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