The Colts Lose A Close One And We’re One Week Closer To Pagano Getting Fired.

This game was a lot closer then it should’ve been. Sure, for the most part Pittsburgh has been a dud most the season but the last few times these teams have met, the Steelers absolutely throttled the Colts. That clearly wasn’t the case this year and the Colts almost blew their chance at getting a top 3 pick. It’s clear this year is over, Luck is on the IR and Jacoby Brissett maybe, definitely has a concussion, despite what the sound doctors of the Indianapolis Colts’ say. Who would’ve guessed that’s run by a man who pops more Xans then a lil Pump song would have such lackadaisical doctors.

This loss just highlighted the shit show that was the Colts this week. First, it was reported that they were potentially going to trade the black Dion Phaneuf, Vontae Davis, only to release him two days later. I realize he’s out for the rest of the year but something tells me the Colts could’ve been able to pull something off here. The Colts are just lucky that the Browns absolutely fucked up at the trade deadline or the Colts would’ve probably been this week’s dumbest team.

I’m not sure if Brissett will play Sunday and honestly who cares? He was starting to get too comfortable, only losing to teams by one score and all. I can’t have that. Let’s just pick Curtis Painter off the street and have him QB the Colts, so that there’s no more risk of winning a game and getting a worse draft pick. I’ve already said on this site that I’d want the Colts to trade said pick for some sort of package deal, seeing as this is a QB heavy draft and even if news broke that Luck would never play again tomorrow, it’s clear the Colts can’t be trusted to draft a QB.


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