I Could Not Be More In Favour of Trump Nominating A Paranormal Investigator To Be Alabama’s Next Federal District Judge

Screenshot 2017-11-15 14.05.40

People give Donald Trump a lot of shit for his appointments and rightfully so, but if you can’t get behind a paranormal investigator becoming the next Federal District Judge of Alabama, then I will gladly show you the door.

Finally a person in power whose willing to think outside the box. Who would’ve guessed that the State that needed the National Guard to show up, to ensure black students were allowed into schools, would be the first state to possibly elect a paranormal investigator. Talk about progress!

I have to believe if Brett Talley does in fact win this race, then more heads will begin to roll in Hollywood… That’s right, I’m talking about Casper the “friendly” Ghost. Just because you died when you were a child, doesn’t give you the right to just “play” with random kids in your creepy abandoned mansion. That might’ve worked for Michael Jackson but until Casper release’s and album as great as ‘Thriller’, I want that pedophile ghost facing a jury, ASAP.

I also like to think that this will open a whole new can of worms when it comes to precedence. Will this judge allow for seances to be conducted in court, so that people will be able to sue other ghosts? The opportunities are endless and I for one could not be more excited.

This is why I think Trump is wasting Talley’s talents. Talley shouldn’t be wasting away in a sweaty-ass courtroom in Alabama, this man needs to be voting on things that matter. That’s why I think Trump should appoint this guy to the Supreme Court. Imagine having a paranormal investigator on the Supreme Court? He’d literally be irreplaceable. Because, even if he died, he could still preside from the other side.

P.S. Brett Talley looks exactly like how’d I expect him to.

Screenshot 2017-11-15 14.26.15

That face screams “I’ve investigated some ghosts in my day”.


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