I Could Look At This Photo of Kim Jong Un Celebrating A Succesful Missile Launch All Day


Look at Lil Kimmy Kim just gleaming over his latest successful missile launch. For those of you living under a rock (or fallout shelter), The People’s Republic of North Korea decided to start their Christmas season off with a bang. Launching their latest and greatest in intercontinental ballistic technology, to mark the occasion.

People forget that Kim Jong Un is a HUGE Christmas fan. In fact, he’s pretty much based his ole phasic off of Santa Clause and whilst those soulless bastards in New York are ok with letting Matt Lauer light a Christmas tree, lil kimmy kim understands the subtleties of what Christmas is really about… Testing out all your dope-ass new toys. We Use to shit our clits when we’d get an Air Hog, I can’t imagine what it’s like to get to shoot a real missile. Not to mention, in honour of the giving season, lil kimmy kim specifically had his scientist launch the missile into the sea of Japan, allowing for Japanese fishermen a quicker work load when it comes to slaughtering dolphins. Tis the season.

The real stars of this photo aren’t the Supreme Leader himself though, no, no, no. Like every photo released by North Korea, the real stars are the people right behind Kim. Look at their faces. You will never see a face filled with such pure joy. That is face that screams “I get to live for another day”.


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