Top 81 Albums of 2017

Folks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it’s that time of year again, my (now) annual albums of the year blog. This is the second year in a row I’ve done this, meaning that I’m 2 more years away from lasting as long as one of my mom’s marriages (boom roasted). I Think last year I ranked 67 albums, so I decided to up it to 81. At times it was painful, at times joyful but at the end of the day, I did it to show that I am still the most correct person when it comes to music. Thank You, and I hope you enjoy.

Un-Honourable Mentions

This is a new edition, think of it as a roast or boom roasted, if you will.

New Toronto 2-Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez fucking sucks, I don’t care how many white kids from Toronto tell me otherwise.

DROGAS light-Lupe Fiasco

Lupe? More like Poop-y

J’Ouvert-Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean once tried to run for president of Haiti after it was decimated by a hurricane and still tried to fuck them over. No wonder he’s so pissed at Trump.

Chixtape 4-Tory Lanez

I don’t know why I keep downloading Tory Lanez, I’m an idiot.

Two Zero One Seven-Chief Keef 

Honestly, this could be Beethoven’s 69th symphony, I don’t know, I didn’t listen to it. Don’t shoot me.

Step Brothers-G-Eazy & Carnage

There’s a song on this album called Gualla might as well be called Blem.

The list:

81) More Life-Drake

Look, I can already feel your seething anger and I understand that this album had some bangers, it did, Portland es muy fuego but every good song on the album either featured someone else or was performed by a completely different artist (see Skepta Interlude & 4422). I have nothing against featuring other artists, I said last year, that one of J. Cole’s weaknesses is his unwillingness to work with other artists. I just believe you also have to have some good songs on your own.

Which brings me to the album… Have you actually listened to the album? Like really listened, from front to back, ALL 1 HOUR AND 22 MINUTES OF IT? Have you? Because I did and it was one of the most excruciating thing’s I’ve ever done and I routinely have to look in a mirror. This album reminds of the Hobbit trilogy, just instead of being a tourist advertising campaign for New Zealand, Drake made one for England. I’m pretty sure Drake didn’t know that there were black people in England until a year ago. This album is loaded with British artists and references, not that it’s a bad thing, just we get Drake, you went to England and met Skepta. Fucking Riff Raff had Skepta on his Halloween album last year.

Drake is the living embodiment of the Dave Chappelle racial draft skit, except no one wants him. So, he’s Phil Kessel at the 2011 NHL All-Star draft. The only time he’s Canadian is when the Raps make the playoffs, he tries to rep Houston because he has severe daddy issues and now he’s trying to be British.

And none of that is even the worst part. The worst part? He titled a song Blem! Blem, are you fucking kidding me? I thought you were a multi-million dollar rapper not some grade 10 wigger? Wait can I still say that? The point is, if you title a song “Blem”, I’m saying your album is the worst of the year. No matter how many Young Thug features you try to win me over with.

80) Wonderful wonderful-The Killers

The Killers released an album. That’s pretty much all the insight I have for you on this blah fest. But you know what it didn’t have? A song called Blem.

79) Grateful-DJ Khaled

Another album I feel like the lemmings of the world will tell me I’m wrong about. Grateful is a 23 song long album featuring all of the biggest names in music and your telling me the best you can do is I’m The One and a ripoff of Maria Maria by Santana? Maybe if DJ Khaled really wanted to release a good album he wouldn’t have his fucking 1 year old song produce some of the songs. Maybe next time DJ Khaled will spend less time getting lost on a jet ski and producing something with 4 good songs.

78) Nav-Nav

The latest Toronto rapper to break out onto the scene, after collabing with Travi$ $cott on the certified banger Beibs In The Traps NAV looked to show the world that he could stand alone on his own tape. He can’t. For 30 minutes, NAV tries to convince you he’s cool because of all the drugs he’s on and the plentiful Toronto references but at the end of the day, this album sounds like something that fuck boi in grade 11 wrote. No offense.

77) Jungle Rules-French Montana

The fact that French Montana was on XXL’s freshmen list after already being famous for 2 years is still my favourite thing about French Montana. As for the album, it’s long, I don’t know who told rappers to start releasing hour long albums but please cease and desist. There are a couple good songs on the album, especially the first single Unforgettable but besides that, the album is well, pretty forgettable.

I’m so sorry.

76) Lines-Allan Kingdom 

Allan Kingdom is probably my biggest miss on guy’s whomst I thought were up next. After I heard Evergreens and after he was featured on Kanye’s All Day I thought for sure he’d blow up. I was wrong and honestly, this mixtape doesn’t help. While Allan has an interesting take on a variety of topics and isn’t afraid to experiment, none of it really lands, leaving for a subpar mixtape.

75) Whiteout Conditions-The New Pornographers

I started listening to these albums back in November, this one of the earlier ones, I don’t remember a single thing about it. And that’s the type of insightful musical knowledge you can expect in this bad boy.

74) I Decided-Big Sean

Big Sean is probably the most boring rapper out there. People give Macklemore shit for being a rapper for white moms but I’d gladly argue that Big Sean is just that. The guy just finds a new ad-lib every couple years and decides that’s enough change for him. All that being said, this album isn’t horrendous. It’s just boring and uninspired. For the second album in a row, Big Sean was able to acquire the services of fellow Detroit native Eminem and for the second time in a row, they released a song that literally no one gives a shit about. I mean, did you know that the two had a song together on this album? Exactly.

73) I See You-The xx

Nothing really to memorable here. I would argue that the album gets better in the second half, compared to the slow beginning. Two songs that really stuck out for me were A Violent Noise and On Hold. A Violent Noise was more reminiscent of previous xx tracks, while Hold On had a cool/almost-out-of-place hip hop feel, sampling hip hop noises throughout the background. If you were a fan of The xx, you’ll probably enjoy this album but if you’re a casual listener or if this is your first time hearing about the group, I’d recommend their previous work.

72) The Chief-Jidenna

This album had a few good songs, the most famous of which being ‘Long Live The Chief’ which was featured on Netlfix’s ‘Luke Cage’, along with that there was the love song ‘Bambi’ and the sad ‘Helicopters/Beware’ which told a story of death and destruction. His song ‘White Ni**as’ also painted a stark reality if race roles were reversed and white people had to face the trials and tribulations that POC have to on an every day basis. Despite all this, I still found most of the album fell flat. I’m sure someone more refined could tell me how this was a better album then I believe but I just didn’t see it.

71) Deadstar-Smokepurpp

This album is everything you’d expect a Smokepurpp album to be. Save yourself the time, download Audi and your set. You’re welcome.

70) Black Ken-Lil B

Look, there was no way in hell, I was going to listen to a 2 hour long Lil B album. No disrespect to the Basedgod but I just couldn’t. It’s the only album on this list that I actually didn’t listen to. I listened to a few songs, which I enjoyed but there was just no way I was sitting through this whole thing. Might as well just make me watch The Revenant.

69) The White West-Riff Raff

Honestly, this is probably the most disappointing release of Riff’s career. Despite all odds, Riff Raff has continued to drop hit after hit, whether he’s in the trap with Chief Keef or releasing country songs. I’d say this is the least versatile Riff record ever.

68) Luv is Rage 2-Lil Uzi Vert

What we have here is a classic case of an artist over-thinking. Uzi had been teasing the release of Luv is Rage 2 since late 2016 and it took him until almost the end of 2017 to release the damn thing. Besides the already famous XO Tour Lif3 there really wasn’t anything to write home about. I like Uzi, I think he’s a dope artist but, this album was just messy and all over the place. I’m curious what earlier versions sounded like because I’m willing to bet they were better then this.

67) My Moment-Tee Grizzley

Tee Grizzley popped onto the scene with First Day Out The Pen, possibly one of the best rap songs of the year, after this Grizzley recorded some tracks with Lil Yachty but still decided to release his first ever project sans a feature and I gotta say, I’ve heard worse. I wouldn’t be shocked if Tee Grizzley is on next years XXL Freshmen cover.

66) There’s Really A Wolf-Russ

Did you guys know that Russ; produces, writes, mixes and records all his own tracks? Because if you didn’t he makes sure to remind on pretty much every fucking song, yet Russ still think’s he’s some sort of humble guy. Russ is a humble as Marlin’s Man. Fuck outta here boi.

65) HNDRXX-Future 

I still don’t know why Future calls himself Hendrix but it’s almost as preposterous as the fact that he still doesn’t do any of the drugs he frequently raps about. After the self titled FUTURE was released a week before, I thought Future might’ve been able to finally put out a couple cohesive pieces of work but I was wrong.

You’d also think that if you’re going to name your album after the greatest guitar player of all-time that you might incorporate some rock beats. Yet Future stuck to his safety net and continued to just rap over the same old trap beats you’ve come to expect. If Young Thug can release an album where he sings on the entire thing, I’m pretty sure Future could’ve used one rock influenced beat.

Future should’ve just taken the 3 good songs from this album and should’ve just put them on FUTURE and saved me the hassle of listening to this 1hour9min blah fest.

64) Ransom 2-Mike Will Made It

Perfect Pint, what more do I need to say… Rae Sremmud, Gucci Mane AND K-dot. Fin.

63) Bloom-Machine Gun Kelly

I don’t know what happened to Machine Gun Kelly but he’s fallen off. I’m happy that he’s seem to have found more fame and recognition but any long time fan can’t argue that his product has diminished. I can’t tell if he’s trying to branch out to rock music but feels like he needs to still rap or just know’s he’s a better rapper then guitarist/singer. Whatever the case may be, as a long time MGK fan, it makes me sad. I also find it ironic that he once got furious at his label for making him do Invincible because he thought it was a cliche radio song, yet now he’s out making songs with Camilla Cabello? Da Fuck.

Also, Trap Paris is a bad joke, like Kramer going full klansmen at the laugh factory bad.

62) The Booty Tape-Ugly God

Ugly God know’s exactly who he is and who everyone think’s he is and he couldn’t give a shit. Going as far to release to diss track Fuck Ugly God where he pretty much B-Rabbit’s himself, which I gotta say, hard not to respect.

Thanks Ugly God.

61) Without Warning-21 Savage, Offsett & Metro Booming

Can someone please check on Takeoff? There’s no way his feelings aren’t hurt at the moment. Please, someone check on Takeoff, thank you.

60) Culture-Migos

The first major release of the year and it’s exactly what you thought it would sound like. I got no qualms with the Migos but I find it difficult to call their sound different or revolutionary. They know what works and they do exactly that. But as the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and that’s exactly what Migos does on their latest album. The trio finds themselves surrounded by friends with features including Travis Scott and Gucci Mane. This album might not be anything CRAZY but for those who enjoy the almost formulaic music that has become the Migos discography, this will surely not disappoint. And hey, we’ll always have Bad and Bougie. 

59) Huncho Jack-Travis Scott & Quavo

For all the hype surrounding this album, it ended up being pretty dull. Still better then Culture and still 1000x better then More Life

58) Near The Wild Heart Of Life-Japandroids

Arguably one of Canada’s top duos out there are back and while I don’t think this is their best work, it’s still a very solid project. Whether singing an ode to Canada or jamming out for 7+ minutes, the Japandroids offer an album that’s great for listening to at the cottage while drinking a few cold ones.

57) SUPER SLIMEY-Young Thug & Future

This album is pretty much exactly what you’d picture a Thug & Future album sounding like, with one caveat Killed Before. On Killed Before, Thug croons about death over a London On Da Track beat, the same beat that Chance The Rapper called his favourite ever produced by the legendary producer.

56) Don’t You Worry, Honey-Sir Sly

Honestly, I just really like the song High besides that, I’ve pretty much completely forgotten about this album. Sorrey!

55) Revival-Eminem

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Em…….. can we talk for a minute? I think it might be times to call it quits bud. You’ve made it, yo’ve made millions, touched lives, why keep doing this to yourself? This isn’t the worst thing he’s ever put out but it’s just getting sad at this point. He’s still using references from the ’90s, he’s still talking about Kim and he’s still talking about Hailey and almost dying and in almost regimental fashion Revival features a classic rock sampled song because what’s an Eminem album without one at this point?

If Eminem gets the itch to release one more album, which honestly, I hope he doesn’t, I think he should call up Tyler, The Creator and have him executively produce it. It’s clear that Dre doesn’t have the heart to tell Em the truth but I think if Tyler and Em hooked up for an album, it could actually be a memorable album.

P.S. How crazy is it that two of the most forgettable albums of the last decade are from two of the greatest rap mind’s in Dre’s Compton and Em’s Marshall Mathers LP 2.

54) Humanz-The Gorillaz

The Gorillaz are back, after a few year hiatus, the world’s favourite animated band are back and they brought some friends. Almost every song involves a feature, as the album takes you on intergalactic journey through the stars. My favourite songs from the album were Ascension (Feat. Vince Staples), Saturnz Barz (Feat. Popcaan), Andromeda (Feat. D.R.A.M.) and Interlude: The Non-Conformist Oath.

53) Painting Pictures-Kodak Black

Kodak Blacks first album and I think he did a good job at proving the doubters wrong. I’m a Kodak fan but even I didn’t think he had an hour long album in him but he did. There are so many good songs on the album Patty Cake, Why They Call You Kodak?,Tunnel Vision the list goes on.

Fun tidbit. I actually bonded with my class over both mine and their appreciation for the song Patty Cake. Kodak Black out here bringing teachers and students together.

52) Aquaberry Aquarius-Riff Raff & DJ Afterthought

The ignorant people of the world will call this blasphemous but that’s because they never gave this mixtape/album (?) a listen to. Every year Riff Raff drops a project or two and every year I find it enjoyable. Whether he’s rhyming the most obscure wrestler with some sort of coloured car or switching it up on us and dropping another banger of a country/ska (?) song. Proving once again, that Riff Raff is more then a rapper and might be the human chameleon, the way he’s able to seamlessly switch from genre to genre.

51) FUTURE-Future 

I won’t lie, this album was a lot better then I remembered it being. Besides ‘Mask Off’ I hadn’t really given this album a listen to until I had to make this list and I’m pretty happy I did. I’m no stranger to making fun of Future but I thoroughly enjoyed this album. There were skits on it that were reminiscent of old-school Kanye and all-in-all, this was probably Future’s best work since DS 2

50) Playboi Carti-Playboi Carti

Cash Carti Bish, Carti, Cash. What do you want from me? Sometimes I got nothing and just repeat all I remember from the album. The newest member of the A$AP MOB drops a fine debut album, I just hope he shows a little more versatility on his next project.

49) Cozy Tapes Vol 2-A$AP MOB

After A$AP MOB finally released their long-awaited debut album I was more then excited to hear they had sequel planned for the following year. Then, they go and drop RAF Wrong and I was hooked but then…. the actual album dropped and you know how they say “never meet your heroes”, well it feels like being let down by a hero. It was a fine album but nothing like it’s predecessor, let’s hope Vol 3 is more Empire Strikes Back and less Godfather 3.

48) Lust For Life-Lana Del Rey

Melancholy, melancholy, melancholy. Sprinkled in with some A$AP Rocky and Playboi Carti but besides that, melancholy. Lust for Life is exactly what I expected it to be. Lana is still living in her 60s-70s Californian summer and as the old saying goes, don’t fix, what ain’t broke.

47) All AMERIKKKAN BADA$$$-Joey Bada$$

I won’t lie, I’ve never been a big Joey Bada$$ fan. I mean, I knew he was a fine rapper and the fact that he’s been doing his thing for the last 6 years and is only 22 is wild. And whilst, I’d usually avoid the Pro Era leader’s music, I’m happy I downloaded his latest album. Mr. Bada$$ holds back no punches on his view of the current state of the world and does over a variety of different beats.

46) Good Luck With Your Life-Spose

The rapper of I’m Awesome fame is back and still white and still a dad but this time, he wants you to know he means business. Spose is as self aware as it probably comes, he’s arguably the most broke artist on this list but he couldn’t give a fuck. He’s over 30 and probably reached his peak but he’ll be damned if he doesn’t go out on his terms.

45) Droptopwop-Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane has really been enjoying his time out of prison and I’m honestly a little envious. He’s out here looking at the world with child like wonderment, something I wish I could do. Gucci almost makes me not be believe in schadenfreude but I digress. Gucci actually released like two-four other albums this year but while I love Gucci, I think Droptopwop gave me the jist of it all. Guwop is home and everyone is happy. BURR!

44) Pretty Girls Like Trap Music-2 Chainz

I’ll give 2 Chainz credit, when I saw that he released an hour long album, I didn’t know what to expect but 2 Chainz kept my attention throughout. It wasn’t my favourite thing released this year (given the ranking) but for a guy whose just famous for saying his name, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music shows the 2 Chainz is more then just a meme.

43) Young Thug & Carnage-Young Thug & Carnage

Young Thug & Carnage released a 4 song EP and it’s dope AF. Ron Swanson.

42) YouWillRegret-Ski Mask The Slump God


This was honestly everything I expected it to be and I could not be happier. God bless you, Ski Mask The Slump God. Truly a national treasure.

41) Lil Pump-Lil Pump

Do any of Lil Pump songs involve him not just repeating the same words 1000 times? No. Did I enjoy the fuck out his first album? Ya best believe it. Lil Pump is no Andre 3000 but fuck it, sometimes I just wanna listen to stupid music about doing drugs and whiling out. I’m 22, sue me. Lil Pump is just this year’s Desiigner and I for one think the world is a brighter place because of it.

40) Project Baby 2-Kodak Black

After dropping his debut album, Kodak Black returns with Project Baby 2 a mixtape that finds a way to surpass both it’s predecessor and Kodak’s debut album. The best song is easily Roll In Peace (Feat. XXXTENTACION). Kodak also uses this release to show off more of his versatility, even titling a song Versatile.

39) Issa-21 Savage

Issa a debut album. I think at this point you know where you stand on 21 Savage, his style ain’t switching up on anybody, he still just gonna drink lean and talk about death and I’m 100% on board. 21 Savage may not be the most versatile but neither is KFC and that shit’s delicious.

38) Packs-Your Old Droog

If you like old-school hip-hop, Your Old Droog is the rapper for you. Hailing from New York, Droog delivers an album that sounds like it comes straight from Brooklyn circa 1995. I’m not one for old school hip-hop but there’s no denying the dopeness that is Packs. Also, the Anthony Jeselnik skits on the album are hilarious. Seriously, if you like old-school hip-hop, download this album.

37) New World Alphabet-USS

I don’t think USS has changed their sound in the 10 years (?) they’ve been on the scene. I’m pretty sure from Hollowpoint Sniper Hyperbole to any song on New World Alphabet, USS is almost the same band. And despite this similarity, whatever USS brings is still a welcome difference from the almost perfect music of today. Sure USS sounds like any mainstream band in terms of quality but their songs and lyrics still sound just as sporadic, wild and stoned as ever.

36) Loner-MISSIO

Imagine if Muse, AWOLNATION & 21 Pilots had a baby, that baby would be MISSIO. This album isn’t perfect but it’s definitely good. Whether your playing Everybody Get’s High or KDV (Killing Darth Vader) the album is filled with dope songs, that while all have a similar feel, still feel different. If that makes any sense.

35) Members Only Volume 3-Members Only

Members only is XXXTentacion, Ski Mask The Slump God and a few other rappers from Florida. This, like every X release is unpredictable as hell. One second your listening to a song called Butthole Girl and next thing you know, X just killed himself for the 5th time this mixtape.

34) Boy Who Cried Wolf-Wifisfuneral

Just look up the song JoeBuddenProbablyThinksICantRap. That’s all you need to hear and you’ll know I’m correct.

33) Teenage Emotions-Lil Yachty

Yachty dropped his debut album this year and he should be happy with the product he produced. It’s not a solid album and there are definitely some flaws but as a whole, I found the album to be very enjoyable. If you haven’t heard Forever Young yet, you’ve been missing out.

I’m excited for Lil Boat 2, coming sometime 2018.


I said last year that this would be the year of Twelvyy and I think I was right. Not only did he release his debut album but was also featured heavily on Cozy Tapes Vol. 2 it’s safe to say that Twelvyy is officially here. Rocky and Ferg have been holding down the block for a while now and it looks like Twelvyy will be taking a seat at the table.

My Two song recommendation would be L.Y.B.B.A Glorious Death (Feat. Flatbush Zombies).

31) Restoration of An American Idol-Taylor Bennett

Chance The Rapper’s younger brother Taylor dropped one of the more surprising mixtapes of the year. While feature heavy, Taylor still proves that he’s not trying to ride his brother’s coattails. Chance is featured on one song but I’m pretty sure that was all but expected, other features include: Lil Yachty, Raury and KYLE. All-in-all Taylor Bennett released a very enjoyable 30+ minute tape.

30) Process-Sampha

The first time I heard Sampha was on last year’s Kanye album The Life of Pablo on the final track Saint Pablo. It’s on this track that Sampha delivers a haunting chorus as Yeezy contemplates fame, friendship and fortune. More recently Sampha was featured on Drake’s English Exodus More Life. On his debut album, Sampha more then delivers, mixing singing and an almost hip hop cadence on this 10 song album. Sampha’s outstanding vocals are complemented mostly piano and what sounds like a more modern version of Kanye’s 808 and Heartbreak. No matter the case, Sampha all but delivers on this magnificent album. I’m looking forward to hearing what else he has to produce and am hoping to see his name featured on more rap songs in the near future.

29) No Mountains in Manhattan-Wiki

I wanna right something in-depth about No Mountains in Manhattan but honestly I can’t but it’s really, really, really good. Wiki hails from NYC and takes you on a little tour of the city he calls home. With his signature voice, Wiki delivers a rap album that both old and new hip-hop heads can enjoy.

28) Mura Massa-Mura Massa

Mura Massa is a 21 year old producer from the island of Guernsey, a place I had never heard of until I looked up where Mura Massa was from. Despite being a pracitcally nobody, Massa was able to acquire some of the hottest artists out there, the two songs that specifically stook out to me are All Around The World (Feat. Desiigner) Love$ick (Feat. A$AP Rocky).

27) One More Light-Linkin Park

In what I assume will be their last album after the tragic passing of frontman Chester Bennington, Linkin Park went out on a high note. Sure, this album wasn’t Hybrid Theory and Bennington made sure fans knew just that but this album still showed that the Linkin Park still had more to deliver. The last two songs one the album are especially tragic given what would end up transpiring as One More Light went from a song to a sad tribute to Chester Bennington.

26) Still Striving-A$AP Ferg

I re-listened to some of this album last night and I gotta say, it still bangs. Still Striving is pretty much all fan could ask for when it comes to the Hood Pope himself. He’s got songs with the Mob, songs with Yachty and a remix that features all the East Coast and half the of West. Rocky better drop something next year or it might be time to declare Fergenstein the best rapper in the A$AP MOB

25) Everything Now-Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire out here proving that Canada is still stuck in the ’80s and I for one love it. The ’80s don’t get enough credit, yeah most the music was corny as shit but goddamn was it catchy. I didn’t know what to expect when I started this album which I think speaks volumes to the different genres Arcade Fire can touch-upon. I think it’s clear to say Arcade Fire is Canada’s best import, you’re welcome world. Back to Back World War Champs & home of Arcade Fire.

24) Melodrama-Lorde

Despite taking 4 years to release her sophomore album, Lorde did suffer from the “sophomore slump”. I don’t think this album is as good as Pure Heroine but that album was an instant classic. Lorde is easily one of the most talented singers out there and she shows it on Melodrama. It’s crazy to think how young Lorde truly is and that we could be watching one of the greatest careers unfold, despite her Gollum like dance moves.

23) Relaxer-Alt J

Alt-J did a cover of House of The Rising Sun and it’s fucking amazing. There are other good songs on the album but I just want to highlight how great it is. At first, I wasn’t too sure about it but I love it now, I’m hooked. The original is still better but goddamn does Alt-J do the song justice.

22) Good For You-Aminé

I’m out of steam, this album is good. Aminé is in fact good. Listen to the album, make all this writing worth it. Oh Dear god why did I do this again?????

21) Blossom-Milky Chance

Sorry about that, The duo known as Milky Chance return and prove that they aren’t some one-hit wonder. Milky Chance is actually one of the best bands out there right now, I know they get some radio play but nothing like they use to, even though this album is arguably just as good as their last.

20) LA Divine-Cold War Kids

I really liked this album. It made me feel different emotions. And sounded pretty. Thank you.

19) Roadhouse 01-Allan Rayman

Allan Rayman is my little secret. I don’t know why he isn’t bigger, he’s a talented rapper and even better musician. Every release Rayman drops get’s better and better. It’s only a matter of time before this guy is a star.

18) 1.5-Lil Uzi Vert

When I talked about  Luv Is Rage 2 I mentioned how it seemed like Lil Uzi had thought maybe a little-too hard on the album, this EP was the complete opposite. Uzi decided to drop a 4 song EP which featured his (possibly) biggest hit to date XO TOUR LIF3. I think had Uzi released just a few months after 1.5 it would’ve been higher, so instead of listening to that 16(?) song album, listen to this, it’s better and to the point.

17) Blue Chips 7000-Action Bronson


Sorry that was my inner Bronsolinio/Big Body Bess. After multiple delays and repeatedly venting out his frustration, Action Bronson returns with Blue Chips 7000 and goddamn is it everything, I wanted. I didn’t know how Bronson could follow up Mr. Wonderful but he did it with his latest release. Cook your finest meal, drink some red wine, smoke a blunt and enjoy the wonders that is Action Bronson.

16) Big Fish Theory-Vince Staples

Vince Staples probably gives the least amount of fucks on this list. All you need to do is look at his twitter to see this and Big Fish Theory helps cement just that. While it wasn’t the album I was expecting, damn I’m glad he decided to completely flip the script on this. The closest example to a rapper doing this would probably be last years Atrocity Exhibit by Danny Brown. Staples mixes both grime, electronic and classic rap beats, all the while telling the world how he feels and that frankly, he doesn’t give a fuck.

15) Gemini-Macklemore

*Hot Take Alert*

Macklemore is releasing the albums Eminem is trying to. While Macklemore can look at his past and future, Em seems stuck in his past and it’s why Macklemore is all the way at 15 and Em is at whatever the fuck.

I’m not trying to advocate that Macklemore is the greatest rapper or that he deserved his Grammy but I feel like people give him a lot of unwarranted shit. He has his joke raps, he has his standard pump up song but he also has a lot of good shit to say. He also helps support a lot of local acts. He doesn’t just feature mainstream rappers but in classic Macklemore fashion, he also choses to bring a long, some of Seattle’s youngest and brightest.

This was also Macklemore’s first solo release in over a decade and whilst most people won’t be able notice the difference, I can. Listen to the The Language of My World and you’ll understand what I mean.

To summize, fuck the haters, Macklemore is stuntin on y’all.

14) Sleep Well Beast-The National

In classic fashion, The National has released another haunting album. I don’t know the name of the lead singer and since I’m writing this last minute, I don’t have time to check but let me say, when that guys starts signing, my heart starts a feeling. I don’t think this is band’s best album, which is a testament to their discography. Despite this being possibly my least favourite National album, it was still the 14th best album of the year. The National is truly one of the greatest bands of this generation.

13) Viscious-Skepta

See Drake, other people listen to British rappers too. While Drake is Christopher Columbus-ing around England, some of actually take the time listen to what the Brits have to produce and I gotta say not to bad. First off, he featured Lil B, if there’s someone who could get away with not acknowledging the Basedgod it’s probably Skepta, yet he did. Because Skepta is that dude. A long with Lil B, Skepta brings along his Section Boyz and both A$AP Rocky & A$AP Nast, in what turned out to be a great 6 song EP.

12) Going Grey-The Front Bottoms

If you haven’t started listening to The Front Bottoms, you’re truly missing out. Arguably the best indie band out there right now and I don’t think it’s even close. Granted, I don’t listen to as much indie as I use to but the point remains. The Front Bottoms are so good, that their EP full of demos made my list last year and now that they’ve finally released another album, it’s fair to say, that the boys….are back. For 11 songs, the Front Bottoms, talk about angst, heartbreak, love and everything in between. If I had to recommend two songs from the album they’d be Raining Don’t fill Up On Chips.

11) Beautiful Thugger Girls-Young Thug

As many of you know, I am a huge Young Thug fan, his mixtape Jefferey was the number one album on last year’s list, so clearly I’m being as objective as possible. But seriously, name 1 other rapper who releases their first album, which had been repeatedly delayed and highly anticipated and decides to just sing, not rap, sing? Young Thug, that’s fucking who. Young Thug is a goddamn unicorn. He doesn’t confine to your norms and he doesn’t need to. Never in a million years did I think Young Thug would drop the best country song of the year and here we are, Family Don’t Matter is the best country song of the year and it’s not even close. The song and album also has the greatest opening line of all-time with “I wanna stick my dick inside your panties”, poetry. I fucking love this guy, one year he’s wearing a dress on his mixtape cover, the next year he’s releasing an album of him just singing. Magical.

10) Scum Fuck Flower Boy-Tyler, The Creator

Before this album even dropped, there was a lot of speculation around the album, that being whether or not Tyler, The Creator is gay? Because, for some reason that matters, yet we don’t seem to talk about how Mick Jagger and David Bowie definitely fucked. And even with Tyler adressing it in the album, I still think the verdicts out or at least I have no clue but who cares because despite the WILD name Scum Fuck Flower Boy is an outstanding album.

This was the album it’s seemed like Tyler’s been searching for, for the last few years. It still has a few of his classic wild songs like Who Dat Boy (Feat. A$AP Rocky) but as a whole is just a beautiful album. It’s not just a rap album and should not be viewed as such. Tyler, The Creator has never fit one box and we are luckier because of that. If you haven’t given Scum Fuck Flower Boy a listen, I highly recommend it.

9) Funk Wav Bounces Vol 1-Calvin Harris

FOLKS,,,,,,, this is how you make an album if your a producer. Calvin Harris just sits in the background and let’s the stars do the work. No need to yell out cliche phrases, no need for saying how “blessed you are”, just let Khaled, Thugger, Grande and Co. make sweet, sweet, music. My highlight of the album? Faking It (Feat. Khelani & Lil Yachty).


Revenge probably highlight’s all of X’s different talents. In 19 minutes X goes from his (in)famous Look At Me and then proceeds to touch on almost every genre. X is not afraid to try different things and is by no means your average rapper. He’s goes from whiling out with Ski Mask, to singing about wanting to kill himself, to making a could be radio hit with Looking For A Star.  X might not be the greatest human being on the earth but goddamn is that kid talented.

7) Divide-Ed Sheeran

This just a solid fucking pop album. Sheeran highlight’s all his skills and like the beautiful leprechaun he is, it’s magical. You have Eraser where he shows off more of his hip-hop side, then Castle On The Hill which is going to throw the hardest of thugs down memory lane and of course you got the smash hit Shape of You. It took me until the 11th song before I found one I didn’t like, that’s how good this album is.

6) Play Pretend-Sam Lachow

Sam Lachow is from Seattle and shoes flashes of old Macklemore, all the while creating a style of his own. While this is only an EP, it helps highlight how Sam can go from rapping about depression to remembering his buddy’s old home phone number. I recommend looking up Lachow’s 80 Bars series.


Easily the saddest album on the list. I don’t think there’s a single song on this album where X doesn’t talk about killing himself. It’s this honesty, that has help X build the fanbase that he has. The best song on the album is Revenge, on Revenge X sings over an acoustic guitar about the pain of life and dealing with the suicide of a friend. All-in-all a tragic but great album. 

4) Come Over When You’re Sober PT.1-Lil Peep

There wasn’t an album I listened to more this year. I think I’ve listened to this album at least once a day, since it’s release. I’m still heartbroken over his death and honestly, don’t know if I’ll ever get over it. I’m sad that the only way he could deal with depression is drugs. I hope Peep is happier wherever he is.

Rest In Peep.

I almost teared up writing this.

3) 4:44-Jay-Z

Oh you thought Jay was washed huh? Well, like an OJ guilty verdict, looks like you were wrong. Jay-Z talks about his past infedelities, how he needs to be a better father and husband and how he’s scared of the day he needs to tell his kids about his past transgressions.

After Magna Carta, Holy Grail I think a lot of us rode off Jay, but then he drops 4:44 and he’s showing that he still has bars to spit. The two big things I took away are that Jay’s mom is a lesbian, making her story even more tragic, as she used drugs to help conceal her sexuality. But after listening to Smile, it seems like she may have found it. The other, is that Jay realizes despite his harsh upbringing he needs to realize his kids are going through different circumstances. Blue won’t need to shoot her brother. And Jay needs to let down his armour. I don’t know what Jay’s future has in store but I think everything’s going to be ok.

Also, I hope him and Kanye can squash their beef. I realize we won’t get another Watch The Throne but I just need them to be friends. Please guys?

2) The Far Field-Future Island

At the beginning of the year I had no clue who Future Island’s were. I had never heard of them and honestly couldn’t tell you anything beyond this album. All that being said, this album IS FUCKING AMAZING. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. I recommend everyone listen to this album, if you don’t feel something, congrats, you’ve reached the level of deadness my soul longs for.

If I had to use one word to describe this album, it would be: Beautiful.

The Far Field is an absolute masterpiece and I wouldn’t be shocked if it ends up being on a list for best album of the decade when 2020 comes a rollin.

1) Damn-Kendrick Lamar

Was there really any ever doubt? The first time I listened to the album, I knew it was going to be album of the year and while Jay and Future Islands put up a valiant effort, there was no way they were going to stop the one-man rollercoaster Kung-Fu Kenny. From beginning to end Kendrick takes you on a glorious journey, taking shots at Greg Giraldo, FOX News and any and every person who has ever slighted him. He also released a beautiful baby-making music song, in LOVE and ends the album with one of the craziest stories, I have ever heard. Seriously, if you haven’t listened to the song Duckworth do it. Absolutely wild story, might take a few listens but once you get it. *head-exploding GIF*

So that’s all folks,, if you read this all, thank you but considering checking yourself into a mental-institution, if you skimmed through, I totally understand, if you went straight to the top 5, way to be efficient, if you didn’t read this, fuck you (I can say that cause they won’t read this).


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