Isiah Thomas Has A Lot of Balls, Thinking He Deserves A Tribute, The Same Day Paul Pierce’s Jersey Is Retired.

They don’t call Paul Pierce the “Truth” for a reason and that’s because he’s always right. I mean who does Isiah Thomas think he is, calling up Celtics management after being traded by them and demanding that his tribute day be the same day as Pierce’s jersey going up into the rafters?

I mean, what was management to do, chose a different day to retire Pierce’s jersey? Don’t be ridiculous! I guess LeBron has finally gotten into Isiah’s head, highlighting the I in Celtic. Does Isiah even know what Paul Pierce has done for the city of Boston? He played with them for 10 years before they traded for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen and won their only championship in Pierce’s career with the Celtics. Not to mention the fact that Pierce had to be wheeled off in a wheel-chair during a playoff game.

Screenshot 2018-01-04 21.27.58

Sure, it turned out the injury was nothing, but still. I’ve seen that face before, frankly, I’ve made that face before. It doesn’t matter if medically you aren’t injured, there are just some times you know your injured, despite what the doctors say and the fact that you were on the court five minutes later.

Then again what has Isiah Thomas done? Played a playoff game a day after his sister died? I’m sorry but until your in a wheelchair, you don’t have an injury.

It’s clear that Isiah Thomas is just another millennial who got traded away from his team and still had the audacity to make it all about himself.


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