The Colts Coaching Search Is Going Well….

The Colts have been uncharacteristically quiet when it’s come to their latest coaching search, which is surprising given that Jim Irsay pops more Xannies then a soundloud rapper. I figured this was because of Chris Ballard who seems to have a decent head on his shoulders but then this caveat of news drops and let me be the first to say, THE COLTS ARE BACK!

Think about it, your QB just missed the whole season due to shoulder injuries and who better to know how to protect a QB better then a college coach who went 1 and fucking eleven! I’m starting to think Irsay has Andrew Luck in his celebrity death-pool because every decision the Colts make almost always set up Luck for disaster.

I didn’t actually click the link to see who the fuck this jabroni was or who he coached for because I was hoping that it was just a drunk and drugged up Jim Irsay playing a mean prank on a guy. The Colts are still a favourable landing destination, they have the third pick in the NFL and depending on Luck’s status, one of the better QB’s in the NFL.

Hopefully this turns out to be nothing or I’m going to lose it.

P.S. Just saw it’s Baylor’s head coach… That’s gonna be a hard-pass for me.

P.P.S. I don’t care if he wasn’t fired, why haven’t the Colts just given Michigan a blank check already and hire Harbaugh. Don’t be idiots guys.



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