Well, Last Night Sucked

I’m not even going to show a photo of last night’s game because I’m still fucking pissed.

Last night was horseshit! Absolute horseshit, like a 10 course meal at a Cleveland or Philly championship parade.

Now I will be honest, I fell asleep after Canada scored their second goal, because I had work the next mourning and PyeongChang time is fucking dumb. I heard a lot about colonialism whilst I was taking my undergrad. And I’d just like to say, that until the whole world is on Eastern Standard Time, then Colonialism has truly accomplished nothing.

As for the game, the fix was in from the beginning. The Canadians got four straight penalties before the U.S. found themselves in the box. I could concede that the first two penalties were at least justifiable, but the third penalty was a joke….. an absolute joke. The Canadians got called for tripping right after the refs didn’t make the same call on the Americans after one of their players took out one of our girl’s at the knees. Not to mention, during the first period, one of the refs literally broke up a Canadian chance in the offensive zone. If I didn’t know better, I’d think the IIHF actively wanted the States to win in order to keep women’s hockey off the Olympic chopping block due to a lack of “parity”. As if the same 4 countries don’t dominate fucking cross country skiing and all those other first week sports none of us watch.

What am I saying? The Olympics would never actively collude against Canada.

Also, I’m pretty sure women’s hockey is sexist. And I’m not talking about the change-room/accommodation discrimination, I’m talking about the fact that these ladies aren’t allowed to check each-other. Sure, technically they are allowed to make contact, so long as someone doesn’t hit the ice. That’s the bodychecking equivalent of having sex and not cumming. What’s the point?

Now, I’m a big enough person to not say that the American’s deserved the win. Since they’re going to be dealing with another mass shooting in a few weeks. I would never say such a thing, because it’s mean and only partially true.

After the game some controversy arose because Canadian Jocelyne Larocque took off her silver medal, right after having it put on her.

Screenshot 2018-02-22 16.02.02

I’m sorry but if this pissed you off, I would never want to have a drink with you. I thought the whole knock on millennials was that we’re soft snowflakes who like participation trophies? Well Ms. Larocque just said fuck your silver medal, silver medalists are just the first losers and these girls came for Gold. You think they give a fuck about your silver medal? They don’t.

We should also remember that the U.S. women’s hockey team once walked all over the Canadian flag. If someone walks over the U.S. flag they fucking invade that country.

And let’s cut the shit about “Olympic Spirit” if you still believe in that B.S. I got a moisture farm on the moon to sell you. Hitler held the Olympics the same year he’d carpet bomb Spain. Putin got the games while making homosexuality illegal and planning his invasion of the Ukraine. When Mexico City hosted the games in 68, they literally committed a massacre to suppress their own people. I believe in Leprechauns more then I do the Olympic Spirit.

It’s time that I talk about something, that I take no pleasure in talking about. But here at SaturdayMorningIsMyFavouriteNightOfTheWeek pride ourselves on integrity. This is why I have to ask this is difficult question. Is Scott Moire problematic? He’s all anyone is talking about since the game ended, completely taking the spotlight away from the women who played their ass’ off last night. Just look at him

Screenshot 2018-02-22 16.14.53.png

Drunk as a skunk and highlighting every possible negative stereotype there is about Canada. Think of the kids Scott, think of the kids.

Gold’s ours in 2022, fucking book it.


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