Canada Cucks The World, Gets Exempted From Trump’s Tariffs

As it says in palms 69 “sucketh, my dicketh”

What I would of payed to see all the world leaders faces as they saw this news break. Talk about a good ole fashioned cacucking. I mean, I haven’t seen a group of Canadians conquer Washington like this since the Burning of Washington in 1814. But, not only did Trump balk on his threat to us, he even balked with the Mexicans. You really expect a guy who can’t even impose a tariff on a country to convince said country to pay for a wall that would keep out their people.

Now, I’d be remised if I didn’t give some credit to the “master negotiator” as he has decided to give us an unspecific amount of time to negotiate a new deal with him. A classic case of ‘putting a pin in it’. Or in Trump’s case, having daddy get you out of Vietnam. I don’t know how long we’ll have, but something tells me we’re going to be ok. If I’ve learned anything over the last few years writing about Trump, it’s that as long as your the last person to say something to him, he’ll go with what you said.

P.S. This really does show the power of alcohol. If it wasn’t for the fact that the U.S. beer prices were about to go up because of these tariffs, Americans would’ve never given a shit.

P.P.S. I hope Trump realizes this just means more American companies are going to either buy Canadian or Mexican steel/aluminum. To paraphrase The Chappelle show, “We’re rich bitch!”.



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